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Intelligent lock conforms to the trend of intelligent era?

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-21

Intelligent lock conforms to the trend of intelligent era? In the history of the past, the lock is almost a door hardware fittings, it is difficult to have a category of independence, the brand presence is completely ignored, the most intelligent door locks, from Internet access to the participation of fingerprint identification and real-time view of be born, none is not safety dimension of coiled locks, smart door locks still can't change it in the home, ) The role of the spatial sense - — Security guards. Now throw two questions: one is why smart door lock is fire now rather than 5 years, once the fire, one is single in terms of security function, under the condition of equal class B function locks interval than grade B intelligence door lock have how old? Of course, some people say that, because the consumer promotion, so smart door lock; Because the more secure, so smart door lock. This analysis, although not wholly, obviously still looks the same real vision. In fact, in our country since 2010 into the mobile Internet era, the user from information acquisition to product service, from buying and selling of pay to realize closed loop, all accessible in the approach, in breaking the acme convenience every time. Burns smart door lock, therefore, in this section, but is the convenience of users collectively swell for a projection on the door lock, safe, though still function is the basis of intelligent door locks, like function calls to mobile phones, but smart door lock core logic no longer coiling security function and open, but to gather requirements of convenience and convenient experience while driving. But at this point, the technology iteration just can let the door lock similar mobile phone, the same as the Internet, The Internet of things) The convenience of all hardware and satisfied user may demand: for example, the user in addition to the convenience of trigger lock, also has a family to the old partner is relative to the aunt maybe small area public security, cleaning, express the little elder brother to the convenience of recognition. Again, for example, hotels, apartments, rental room, satisfied users and permissions at any time, without having to temporarily replace the lock may be key, satisfaction in remote management, exit and charges, for example, instead of each link will bow. A closer to the user really needs smart door lock logic should be: satisfied users keep adding different ID to identify the requirements, corresponding with permission to keep adding classification management and remote management requirements, satisfied different user identity and interactive way and interactive planning permission, the back by the promotion level iteration of the system hardware and software of power supply. Is like the echo sound box is not necessarily the success of amazon channel, but must be a member of amazon's success is the same, smart door lock first to play at this time is convenient, identify, interaction, play is on the back of the software, the Internet of things ( 物联网) Rather than mechanical lock, lock body. It's like ORVIBO the rainbow as specialty play scene connection of hardware and software, accounting scene interaction and scene, this also like YunDing technology specialty play game and using hardware of software. To this, intelligent door locks with advanced security function is the nature of accounting machine, may be involved in strong accounting talents and carry scene using the door lock. Door lock, therefore, can and should be carrying ARM ( Of course there are other, similarly hereinafter) Function of chip, assuming that worries enough it directly on the ARM of A series chips; At the same time, the door lock of the chip can and should be able to run an operating system ( OS) , even from a tiny embedded operating system ( OS) Get started. So smart door lock from define depends on innovators to convenience, identify, permissions, interactive interpretation and promotion of safety, high depends on the function of the chip embedded, the operating system and scene use pick up service distribution, scene, and since 2009, almost all of the smart door lock always follow safety function superposition, and it is a time and again play a rogue, and play rascal lock brands with jumping out the traditional circuit, standing in the crossroads of destiny, kodak, NOKIA is no different.
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