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Intelligent lock device will know eight process

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-19

Intelligent lock device will know eight process intelligent lock is intelligent lock, it is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware craft perfect crystal. About whether its equipment and general locks are very different? Here we introduce intelligent lock device for general process. 1. Viewing and judging the conditions of the policy are satisfied equipment intelligent door lock first to check the policy, the kinds of door width and useful devices in the orientation of the lock is to intelligent lock lock body width, equipment plan what role the customer can accept it. Assume that these conditions are no problem, may continue to the following process. 2. Measurement of the original old lock on the door several primary parameters of the first measurement of the original old lock door lock tongue limit ( Side trim) Size, fixed screw bearing (including length, width, Center of screw hole spacing interval level and straight while) And the number of fixed screw ( The upper one perhaps, one for each of the up and down) And then measure door thickness, judge the direction of the door, Points in the left, left, right, right, standing around the outside of the door facing the door, door on the left is left open, gate shaft on the right is right, is to push into the open, to the outside is outside, outside general security doors to the left and right two open. ) Through the above measure and query, will remember good parameters, judge whether the customized demand side trim, assume that the original security doors side trim is not normative 30 * 240 * 240 May 24, the general requirements to manufacturers custom lock body, is to spend more time on the factory specially. 3. Remove the original locks concluded that the original door materials, specifications, and the original lock after the related parameters and ready to equipment parts, first remove the original locks and consistent preserved in a box, kept by the customer, assume intelligent lock needs to be removed to repair, can be used to temporarily replace the equipment on the original lock again. 4. Equipment of the new lock body and lock after cancel the old lock body, the smart door lock body ( Demand side trim first will lock body equipment good side trim) Devices, and hang up liuhe pole, then use the screw well. Next fampoux high security lock lock body into the lock hole, and the screw from the surrounding surface into tight and fixed good lock. Fixed, using the key into the lock core roll back lock test whether can turn the lock body, lock is normal. 5. Equipment before and after the panel before and after the first panel handle all devices, equipment to be careful when direction, don't forget the screw using the ball pad, it can avoid using the handle screw loose long period of time. Then twist HouGaiBan two screw sleeve, in a hand hole into square rod spring ( It is very important, spring is have to resist cool don't let square rod out of the lock body back hole important equipment, good spring, remember to equipment or square rod assume exit from the lock body and lead to electronic method to unlock, can only rely on emergency mechanical lock to turn lock) 。 Then the rear panel handle good equipment, lock button of the connecting rod according to the door thick, cut off the rest of the length, stab into the lock button and use screw locking. The rubber gasket on the front and rear panel equipment well. Panel before the equipment to the door, when the first lock body and lock on the front panel line plug docking good body, and then cut the cell line through the upper fixed screw holes into the inside of the door, two square rod thorn into locking devices for rear bar hole, insert according to the door thickness choosing appropriate length of square bar. Careful not square rod is too long, to Pierce the front and back panels of square bar hole between 1 cm to 3 cm is advisable. Assume that square rod is too long, after the front and back panels fixed screw can lead to a hand is not smooth, the square rod should be adjusted, replace the shorter side bar. Front panel equipment is good in the future, do not move, immediately after the panel on the device. Equipment panel after careful divides the line with the front panel of a battery pack battery line plug docking. And the rest of the line entry in the body, look line don't go to the days of activity space, avoid frequent movement of bad day on the power line. After careful lock button panel in the equipment of connecting rod piece to thrust into the lock body lock button control hole, and into square rod handle square rod hole. Square rod spring to ensure that the device. 6. See if holding hands and the lock tongue operation is normal, check the door lock tongue if appropriate equipment is good in the future, the rolling door outer handle, see the lock body lock tongue movement is normal, handle return whether smooth, test whether the lock button operation is normal, assume that is not normal to loose the screw to adjust the lock of the azimuth and elevation, normal before lock screw. View frame hole is normal, standing on the inside of the door, shut the door, lift the handle, see if the lock tongue can smooth tongue hole into the lock on the door frame, assume that something inappropriate to use corrections. 7. Initialize the intelligent lock, new smart school administrators fingerprint lock is generally no input fingerprint and the combination may be card, but in use is still the best before entering the management pattern, the initialization work, guarantee the lock set back to factory default, the original data and clear clean. Initialization is complete back again into the user's administrator fingerprints and other information. 8. Overall debugging entry is completed, checked and unlock test, and test whether normal operation the locks. Above refers to the process of eight lock device, hope it will be of help to us. The article content is derived from the network, there is wrong, please contact our adjustment
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