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Intelligent lock factory work space is large, giant strive for promoting the product function optimization

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-13

Intelligent lock factory work space is large, giant strive for promoting the product function optimization in recent years, rely on the Internet in the regional rapid extensive, intelligent household work has entered a new period. Along with intelligent household work fast, smart door lock as a physical import of smart home, the attention degree is also rising. Together, the relevant departments to strengthen the supervision constantly of the intelligent door locks, smart door locks the specification of the work is increasingly perfect, powerfully promote the entire work to speed up the forward. From the overall, smart door lock products, with its high safety functions of electronic combination lock, fingerprint lock popular user attention. To pay attention to privacy maintenance and safety of today, smart door lock has become almost essential household products. Especially in the area of economic spread fast, the customer more deepen the understanding of intelligent door locks, smart door locks and spread widely in these areas in the first place. According to forward-looking industrial institute released 'intelligent household equipment work shop of foresight and investment strategy planning Chen' statistics show that in 2016, the Chinese intelligent locks work is still widely and education is given priority to with the customer, market penetration lack of 2%. In 2017, our country intelligence door lock sales reached 8 million sets, intelligent locks the widespread ratio of further ascension. In 2018, our country intelligence door lock in the sales and industrial scale will end a new break. In addition, the system locks work according to the national information center conjecture, 5 - in the future 10 years, the total demand to smart door lock in China will surpass 30 million sets, the whole work of output will also break the $one hundred billion mark. During this period, the whole work of popular will explode in a, second-tier cities have, then gradually penetrate in other areas.
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