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Intelligent lock future career will present several big trend

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-27

First, business forms are changed. Now smart lock mainly chooses To pave the way for B, lead To, in the form of C To B is in the form of enterprise having now, because the c-terminal stores is not real open doors, relevant enterprises shows that only want To cry after apartment, building dish To sell, look at the influence, practical products and not make money, but with increase of concentration of professional, product market audience more and more wide, low profit To B mall will be irrelevant, of course not rule out follow professional concentration increases, the bargaining power increase, now the meager profit but high turnover To B store also become profitable. Second, smart door lock will be ecological. In smart home category 'item is king' era has ended, especially under 5 g, not into ecological intelligent household products are not good, so obviously intelligent locks also need with the whole intelligent system ecological link talents have more tenacious vitality. In the end, smart door locks will diversify. Same as traditional lock, which can present many segments, such as field and indoor lock locks, or perhaps package boxes and furniture lock, lock will follow professional conduct derivative gradually, instead of to now that are concentrated in a category. Although smart door lock is not same as smartphones have no alternative, only compared with the traditional locks, smart door lock has the sense of science and technology, the level of appearance, functional, efficient and other advantages. But intelligence is the future trend, any product profession are now talking about AI, leading in the starting line of smart door lock won't lag behind obviously. Smart door lock is now from savage growth stage into the safe launch phase, it represents career is mature, after the experience has already started to shuffle, smart door lock will step into on the basis of user requirements and product quality of the road of sustainable development, will also be true into the thousands. Fuyu, founded in 1997, is the guangdong hardware industry high-tech enterprises. The enterprise covers an area of 20000 square meters, the management team and staff more than 500 people. Has a very mature system of manufacturing and production management experience, the company imported the advanced automated production equipment, has mold, polishing, electroplating and other 10 workshop 26 production lines, equipped with testing equipment, independent scientific research laboratory, the enterprise has passed ISO9000 - 2015 quality management certification, products are exported to the United States, Canada and the Middle East, Thailand, dubai, Saudi Arabia and other countries. Up so far, clinging to realistic. Fuyu in 2017 was awarded the title of 'high-tech enterprise' in guangdong province, 139 apply for patents, and with the Evergrande real estate group to reach a long-term strategic cooperative partnership, successively for the Beijing diaoyutai courtyard villa, Shanghai greentown seven such villa, club and hardcover housing provides the overall copper art house products, with advanced and mature technology and brand influence, based on the top of the industry, striding forward. Fuyu 'technology leader' oriented, the ongoing technological innovation and upgrade, use copper antibacterial, antibacterial characteristics and independent research and development of intelligent software platform for health, every laid the its hardware experts '' health status of the industry, to promote trend of science and technology, creating healthy quality life. Fuyu existing 24 k gold plating technology is far higher than the industry average level; Fuyu products of professional electroplating processing technology, after 200 hours of salt spray test, created the electroplating industry. Fuyu in addition to providing traditional household products, at the same time, pays great attention to intelligent requirements of The Times. Fuyu in 2013 began to layout of smart home plate, with science and technology of the listed company strategic cooperative relations, joint development of intelligent security products, provide users with convenient high-tech smart home experience.
The global market was valued at custom door lock in custom door lock and is expected to reach a market value of custom door lock by custom door lock, with a CAGR of custom door lock during the forecast period.
Zhongshan Fuyu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. supports these goals with a corporate philosophy of adhering to the highest ethical conduct in all its business dealings, treatment of its employees, and social and environmental policies.
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