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Intelligent lock how to correctly choose?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
With the continuous development of smart home industry, the popularity of smart home speed and degree of accelerating, extension, the acceptance of people is increasing with the development of information technology. When the change of the demand in the market, many home appliance enterprise transformation, IT companies, security companies, plunge into the market, launched a series of smart home products, further speed up the popularity of the market. Intelligent lock is intelligence household under the boom was born earlier intelligent products, can enter without a key, brush a face to the door, this from ever seen in science fiction, now has entered into life. Now, however, the phenomenon of widespread false intelligence, intelligent household industry intelligent lock, how consumers can choose the really suitable intelligent lock? 1, good appearance and function and product design not only in appearance. Intelligent lock belongs to the household durable goods, is supporting the use of all kinds of doors. So smart lock appearance design of the first principle is two words: concise. In other words, it should be on the premise of respect for the practical application, tried to be concise, joker. Regardless of wood or iron gate, Chinese or western, have the effect that make the finishing point. Many gaudy lock design on the market, often is the performance of low grade. 2, in the era of Internet of things intelligent degree and the use of mobile terminal to the household intelligent operation to identify its is one of the standard of real intelligence. Now on the market of fingerprint locks, trick lock, the induction lock under this standard has been less intelligent. Despite the tedious experience, such as induction lock is simple and convenient operation has become the mainstream market. With APP can monitor and control locks intelligent lock is the main direction of the market at present. Smart home smart locks available, for example, mobile terminals for remote control door lock or open and close regularly. 3, smart does not forget safety essence, multiple encryption unbreakable intelligence is one of the purposes of, is to make the security more security, rather than the opposite. Door lock is the essence of safety, in modern times, one can cope with the complex security environment of door lock, just enough to deserve smart tag. Rather than show off stunt, emphasis on intelligent way of doing things, it is better to truly safeguard the safety of the user on innovative technology. 4, deal with complex environment, strong adaptability intelligent lock products because of the installation environment is more complex, the influence of the environment is also quite big. Docking, such as wireless signal interference, signal shielding, etc. , will directly influence the experience of using the locks. Rely on the Wi - many of the so-called smart lock Fi environment, once lost, the network is useless. And intelligent home intelligent lock to retain the traditional mechanical key to open the lock, but also their fingerprints, password, credit card to switch lock. Don't have to worry about the mobile phone signal is not good and no Wi - Under the condition of Fi and, therefore, it is also important for users. 5, authority strict inspection, certificate and report all ready for a new era of electronic products, reliable quality and safety is quite important. Repeated tests, from the whole to the detail of the intelligent lock does not pass a link might be wrong. Inspection and passed the national authoritative organization, serving for the product is very important. Consumer is when the choose and buy, should see the test report and whether the actual product. Many intelligent lock enterprise claimed that passed the inspection, but in fact just proved its mechanical lock products. 6, the price is not straight, the quality is not false China building materials industry is still in a state of prices artificially high, and has refused to thinking mode of Internet penetration. Cost is not high mark LiuQiQian or tens of thousands of ordinary fingerprint lock at sky-high itself is a scam, about 23000 intelligent lock has a higher selling price and quality. The pursuit of cost-effective is a product. Along with the popularization of Internet technology, intelligent lock price also might be falling. 7, perfect, perfect service system, good after-sales service let you avoid the trouble of installation, maintenance, the current lock market has not yet formed perfect after-sales service market, therefore, it is very important to perfect after-sales service network, always thoughtful after-sales service for the customer must be timely and effectively solve all possible problems, this is all modern enterprise should have the basic quality. And intelligent house as intelligent household brand enterprises in the installation, after-sales service, about installation, product quality problem, we will solve for the user in the first time, because of your trust, is the foundation of us into the distance.
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