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'Intelligent lock installation after-sales service Convention' was released in Chengdu

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-15
2018-06- 16 Source: lock trade through the author: Xue Jian Browse: 440 comments: 0 Core tip: recently, in the '2018 smart lock win (Chengdu) At the 'summit', the platform of lock Trade stood up responsibly to build face-to-face cooperation and win-win opportunities for many parties to buy, sell and serve. At the same time, it took the lead in solemnly issuing the 'after-sales service convention for intelligent lock installation ', with the rapid development of intelligent locks, how to efficiently solve the national installation and sales services will also be a key link in the competition among brands. In addition to the self-built service team of the enterprise or the agency dealers at all levels, the third-party installation service platform has welcomed the development opportunities. Therefore, a number of installation service platforms have also increased, however, facing many newly established or developing platforms, it is difficult to choose factors such as messy personnel, no standard service, unclear process, difficult supervision of quality, etc, smart Lock manufacturers have high trial and error costs, resulting in demand and inability to scale orders, and most platforms are difficult to maintain operations. Recently, in 2018 smart lock wins (Chengdu) At the summit, the platform of the lock trade platform stood up for the sale and service to build a face-to-face cooperation and win-win opportunity, and at the same time took the lead in solemnly issuing the 'smart lock installation after-sales service Convention'. The establishment of the lock trade platform focuses on solving the problems of intelligent lock installation and after-sales service in the whole country. In the past two years, the platform has achieved many firsts in the industry, and now there are nearly 30 thousand employees, more than 3000 contracted brand manufacturers have settled in and performed as many as 20000 tasks. In order to better promote the service landing, starting from the actual situation, the lock trade platform edited the first 'smart lock service engineer's work Manual' and issued the 'smart lock installation after-sales service convention' to jointly promote the service specification and standardization of smart locks, promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry. The 'intelligent lock installation after-sales service Convention' advocates 12 indicators first: 1. Provide service for the installation and after-sales of intelligent locks in the country, professional first 2. Serve customers wholeheartedly with a high sense of responsibility, smile first 3, improve installation quality, do a good job in after-sales service, skill first 4, correct service awareness, establish an efficient professional image, word of mouth first 5, continuously improve the quality of service engineers, strictly implement the installation technical requirements, standardize the first 6. Match the order within 1 hour after the task is issued, and come to the door within 30 minutes after the emergency. The efficiency is the first 7. Do not pick up the fat and the price of the task in the jurisdiction, responsibility first 8. Do not make wrong evaluation on the quality or price of service products. Service first 9. Actively adapt to and guide users to be familiar with operating products, response first 10. Responsible for after-sales maintenance for non-installation technical reasons for two years. After-sales first 11. Enthusiastic and active, communicate and feedback to the task side in time when problems are found, communication first 12, strict selection, strengthening training, maintaining reputation, fulfilling duties, brand first, the official release of the Convention is the first time in the field of intelligent lock installation services, A number of first indicators also indicate that the actual operation capability of the lock trade platform is constantly strengthening. The rapid development of the intelligent lock industry, with the help of the lock trade platform, installation and after-sales worry-free, will develop healthier and faster! Label: intelligent lock fingerprint lock installation after-sales service
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