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Intelligent lock is mainly used in what areas?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Intelligent lock is refers to the difference between the traditional mechanical lock, in the aspect of user identification, security, manageability more intelligent locks. So smart lock is mainly used in what areas? A, home residential 1, the input fingerprint for rights management, avoid the every change nanny will have to replace a smart door lock problems; 2, FPC semiconductor technology to ensure that the alternative electronic, mechanical, completely solve unsafe mechanical key to open the door at any time. 3, when encounter illegal to open the locks, intelligent lock will automatically send warning letter issued a siren at the scene and at the same time, connect the control center, notify the owner in time to learn; 2, residential apartment 1 and can be extended to the software management system, the backup protection exhibition function, can according to customer's actual requirements to provide tailored made smart door lock; 2 function of remote control, remote network, can through the network remote access authorization on smart door lock system and remote control to open closed; 3, it is only by authorized personnel fingerprints or card to open the access door into each unit, ensure the safety of the owners and regulating the administration of the village. Three short, public housing rental apartment before 1, renting house, without the artificial leading, managers can be closed by remote control to open, save a lot of labor costs. 2, in case of resident forgot or lost door card, managers can use the system sends a one-time password to open the door, and authorized to open and the end of the period of time, save trouble of artificial send door card. 3, the cluster management: different areas, using the network lock management system, reasonable management dispersion property or landlord, for the rent and housing for the number statistics, real-time dynamic view the house. 4, can be through the system online has house, not house, show property number, and can according to the actual situation, arrange housing for rent. But statistics all jurisdictions not rent house number. Four, principal and hire 1, the collection of rent, utilities, system regulation. If it fails to pay to message inform tenants, systems and control, automatic door lock; Receive fees, the door back to normal use. 2, before renting house, without artificial leading, principal can remote control door lock switch, save with people. 3, in case of resident forgot or lost door card, the landlord can use the system sends a one-time password lock, authorized to open time, save trouble of artificial send door card. Five, hotel 1, special clothing management meet the needs of any open arbitrarily set to open the door card; 2, smart door lock set of household management offers a variety of check-in and open mode; 3, through induction card directly read information, avoid the guests in the parking lot and the related formalities of staff. Six, commercial office 1, after the company lost items, query automatically by the system to the late information of the employees; 2, the system set up by the administrator and manager unable to open the door, solved the management rights too much security hidden danger; 3, through the smart door lock system, the employees' attendance statistics and record query automatically. Intelligent lock is mainly used to share on this a few parts of the intelligent lock is a lock in the microcomputer, the legitimacy of the identification card and level, the corresponding processing, can open the case the query at any time, so can improve the management of door lock function, improve the intelligent level of the building.
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