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Intelligent lock manufacturer to introduce the hotel lock maintenance of several common methods

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-16

Intelligent lock manufacturer to introduce the hotel lock maintenance several common methods of any household products in order to extend its service life, so it is necessary in daily life to maintain. Counter to the sofa, small to a small cup, etc. Our hotel lock is the same, same to keep the service life of the appearance and extend the locks lock, in the process of daily use, should pay attention to hotel locks maintenance. A, appearance maintenance: 1, in house during decorating, please use plastic bags, Don't will bring adhesive tape adhesive surface contact with lock appearance) Seal lock handle, panels, such as iceberg, avoid lock components appearance processing layer is decorated with acidic or alkaline materials and gas corrosion are colorful, foaming and delaminating phenomenon, seriously affecting the appearance quality of the locks. Some of the zinc alloy and copper locks, in a long time on the door will be found to have 'colorful', this phenomenon is not due to rust, but due to oxidation, assume that appear this kind of condition, with colorful appearance wax spray wipe can be removed. 2, normal use, if there are any dirt, can use dry cloth to wipe out, do not use detergent and other chemicals to wipe. Otherwise, can damage show a maintenance membrane, fades. Don't use wet cloth to wipe the lock body and the handle, because some of the metal material locks will rust; Alloy material of the lock will wear coating, lose the beauty of the role. Second, the function maintenance: 1, in use process, punctuality, Half a year or once a year) Or the key when the plug is not smooth, inside the keyhole with graphite powder ( Pencil powder) Oil lubrication, please do not participate in any liquid materials as a lubricant, in order to avoid oil stick to billiard spring, to the roll of locks not and cannot be opened. If more difficult when doors closed, but on the inclined tongue with minimal pencil powder processing. Best to hold the hand of 2, close the door, lock tongue precession lock body, close the door and then let go, do not force into the door, or you will cut the service life of the lock. 3, when the main lock tongue or insurance out of the door lock tongue in vitro, not against lighting strike, avoid lock tongue and door frame is damaged. Between the door and door frame on the sealing strip has elastic effect, so in a handle or key lock is tight, together with the hand when the door opened the door, or sliding door to beat the elasticity, strong handle or key to open the door, to avoid cracking handle or key attack. Third, other maintenance: 1, mechanical keys must be properly kept. 2, punctuality, send a card 'moment' ( Every two months) To maintain a door lock. 3, circuit boards, lock body can't get wet in the rain. Into the water, because the structure of precision, can lead to insensitive may be damaged. 4, in order to guarantee the security of the system database, system operator should be punctual to system database file for backup.
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