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Intelligent lock manufacturers gradually become intelligence lives in 'standard'

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-08

Intelligent lock manufacturers gradually become intelligence lives in 'standard' in 2016 China's intelligent lock shipments of approximately 2. 4 million, even each enterprise shipments for 2000 or so; But in more sophisticated application plan, driven by smart lock shipments will have large growth in 2017, estimates that shipments for 6 million. In recent years, the concept of smart home is very hot, all kinds of related products has entered the customer view. Especially with the improvement of living standards, high-end residence also gradually become the first selection of high earners, and high-end home smart home has become a standard. It is understood that since the beginning in the first quarter of 2015 the real estate, try to plan to form a complete set of intelligent household products to attract high-end consumers. Mr D cloud network (big data according to the Internet company AVC) Research data show, in the first quarter of 2015 real estate fine decoration engineering market, intelligent household equipment rate has reached more than 30%. From a 2015 query data we can see that in the top 50 real estate property developers, led by vanke, form a complete set of intelligent household products share has amounted to 36. Poly real estate and equipment share 20%, closely followed by 10. 50%. The top 50 real estate, guangzhou trillion, hainan ', r&f equipment such as intelligent household is beyond 8%. From the point of property developers and equipment condition, primary focus on the high-end intelligent household products and refined decoration residence, consumers also is given priority to with high income and young customers first; Primary supporting intelligent household appliances, intelligent video, intelligent security, intelligent window cloth and smart locks, and other products. But from the product point of view, the proportion of smart lock has become the biggest winner of the smart home category. From the above-mentioned query data show: intelligent switch of 5. 3%, intelligent home appliances is 0. 8%, intelligent window cloth for 4. 3%, intelligent security is 6. 5%, and the intelligent lock proportion is as high as 83. 1%. Why, then, smart door locks can become the most successful intelligent household category, the landing of the product? First, intelligent lock to satisfy the customers just need to lock safe, intelligent lock is electronic skills, information, Internet of things, biological recognition skills and a combination of traditional locks, and a traditional locks incomparable advantage in security. Second, smart lock makes up the defect of the traditional lock with keys, only the creatures like the fingerprints, face, iris recognition or mobile phones, combination, CARDS and other methods can open locks, compared to traditional lock is more convenient. Again, through brands for many years in B end market elaboration, has won the customer recognition and market must, increasingly sophisticated market, opens the door to the needs of domestic intelligent lock market. More it is worth mentioning that intelligent lock is recognized as the 'entrance' of smart home, rather than intelligent window cloth, smart appliances, intelligent video intelligent household products such as easier to fall to the ground. Thus, by haier, lenovo, zte, dahua, skyworth, TCL, hikvision, midea, 360 and so on various professional giant, and introduced the corresponding intelligent lock products, thus to further promote the intelligent locks professional development. There appeared querying data, locks professional output value has reached 80 billion in 2016 in China, including smart door lock output up to 6 billion,, more than 2 million sets of shipments of growth beyond 40%, but smart door lock output in 2017 will surpass billions mark, becoming one of the most successful intelligence intelligent household category item. Thus, alternatives to traditional intelligent lock locks is the trend of The Times.
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