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Intelligent lock market potential in the future

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-26

Lock work according to the national information center data show that in 2015 the national demand for 2 million sets of intelligent lock; In 2016 to 3 million; By 2017 for 8 million, to 2018 in 14 million. In the first half of 2019 only smart locks work throughout the country's overall sales exceeds the 7. 6 million sets, growth is obvious. By 2020, our country intelligence door lock sales will break 35 million sets. The early stage of the traditional mechanical lock occupies most of the market share, smart door lock is still not fully into the family, ordinary customers for smart lock awareness is not high, in the stage of habit; Since 2018, smart door locks work began to work into the high speed development stage, the very rapid development, the market potential. China's population of 1. 4 billion large population base, there are about 600 million doors in our country, a full 10 years or so, lock beyond 50 million lock demand change every year. Once conditioned by elements such as hardware technology, the production cost, intelligent lock price always high, so the audience largely focused on the high-end residential area and other places. Now, with the price advantage, the horizon of intelligent lock has been gradually into the mass consumer. Early intelligent lock price for 3000 ~ 4000 yuan /, and by the year 2015, to be able to insist on the price of 2500 yuan, but the second half of the price has fallen to 2000 yuan /. According to iresearch Chen, about 55% of the customers to buy smart lock budget in 1000-2999 yuan between. As the work gradually mature and technological progress, intelligent lock people is a trend, the average price and rely on the safety and efficiency of its performance, such as the future is expected to replace the traditional mechanical lock, become the protagonist of civil lock market. Now, work smart lock has formed six camps. The first camps for professional intelligent lock enterprise; The second camp as home appliances giant; The third camps for security giant; The fourth camps for the mobile phone giant; Fifth camps for the Internet giant; And the sixth largest camp is by mechanical lock transformation of enterprise. From 2018 to 2020, our country household intelligent door locks will have big outbreak, it is urgent to protect the safety of household, smart door lock not only appearance vogue, open the door way and variety characteristics, won the recognition of many customers. Smart locks work has entered the golden age, many small and medium-sized companies lock in the short term may rely on cheap occupy some market share, market will tend to loose.
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