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Intelligent lock networking security, can you believe that?

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-21

Everything is the trend of The Times of the Internet. There is no denying the fact that Internet has brought great convenience to the life, but last year, 315 after exposure for smart home security hidden danger, has caused a panic in the society, for the intelligent household products, the general public's attention is still the problem of security. When it comes to security issues, the most sensitive intelligent household products is intelligent lock. It is not only a hardware product, but also represents a an incredible sense of security. Internet hackers, BUG, any product networking security hidden danger of being attacked by a network. What are the potential safety hazard so smart door lock networking prevalent? The common 'connected intelligence door lock', security hidden danger mainly in the following two aspects: first, open the door stolen risk data instructions. The one big characteristic of smart door lock is electronic key to replace the traditional mechanical key, open the door instruction is a bunch of electronic key. Part does not have the intelligent lock manufacturers, technical strength and even open the door of command data is encrypted, or simply use bluetooth itself encryption channel, the practice is not desirable, order data is easy to steal, cause potential safety hazard to the user. Whether they have enough high-level encryption algorithm and strict security policy, is one of the tough to distinguish the intelligent lock factory strength. Second, the server is attack key leakage risk. Some intelligent lock factory keys stored in the server, in the event the server being attacked, there are data leak risk, on the other hand also have risk inside job. Intelligent lock manufacturers can choose not to own stored on the server user keys security mechanism, whether corporate insider or hacker, cannot get key open the door. Of course also requires that the manufacturer must solve user can closed-loop forgot password, and cause a series of problems, such as mobile phone is lost, to solve these problems are more complex. So also need to remind the user, can't simply believe that manufacturers propaganda by the security of smart door locks, to achieve complete security policy, behind also need a large number of technical means to ensure, manufacturer's technical strength is very important. On the other hand, once these key technologies solved, the security of smart door locks, relative to traditional locks will have a qualitative leap, ascension is orders of magnitude ( Crack increased difficulty of 10 N, safety promotion thousands of times) 。
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