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Intelligent lock safety question is that true

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-26

Intelligent lock security question is really intelligent lock security in question, there is no doubt that smart door when presented to the user bring convenience, greatly improved our lives, but smart lock on the back of the safety problems also certainly can't ignore, such as stolen sensitive data lead to personal privacy leakage, intelligent lock is illegal intrusion, etc. In simple terms, intelligent lock the safe hidden trouble of the primary has two aspects: the first is the security with the device itself, the second is the data information security. Ann is full of with the device itself intelligent hardware after the breach, lost the original function directly, become a pile of 'recycled', what intelligent, comfort and so on are all crave. Imagine, if is a smart door locks, if lose function what happens after attacks by hackers. Intelligent lock, by contrast, become the breach of the hacker to collect user family data information more and more serious, the hackers steal data once the equipment becomes a tool, the user lose will be one of the family's privacy, even involve some password, eventually lost may be difficult to compensation. Domestic intelligent lock security there is gap according to one study found that the top ten popular intelligent lock device, there are hundreds of security gaps. Contains 'TV, web camera, remote control socket, locks, home alarms and garage door remote control switch', etc. HP said, they found that cracks are various, such as operating password is too simple; When connected to the network without encryption, vulnerable to attack. Equipment can collect the user's E-mail address, home address, name or personal information such as birthday, etc. These security very weak link, can be hacked smart lock system source location. One industry source said, intelligent lock, Internet of things is at the early stage of conduct, and skills is not mature; Companies are eager to seize market, will focus first on products and marketing, has not put the security issue in important agenda classy elements led to the safety problems appear frequently. In recent years, intelligent lock security has become the focus in the industry. Whether intelligent router or other smart lock device, all will be safe as a big selling point of the product, such as safety intelligent router, security cameras, smart door locks, etc. But the claim that 'security products' product, is really safe? Smart door lock in the home security the first important position of the guard, the security is the center of the self-evident. And the purpose of intelligence, not deviation is necessary to the security service. After completion of intelligent network security, electronic information security problems, combined with the original mechanical safety lock itself, is the key to a smart door lock is strong. Although there are some smart lock product the safe hidden trouble, but let's also no need excessive worry, even for intelligent lock what resistance. In fact, all the hardware products, from a laptop to smartphones are able to be cracked, it is not unique to intelligent lock problem, so if we will abandon them all. Have safety problem, the corresponding also can have a solution. Intelligent lock manufacturers as long as attaches great importance to the safety, security encryption at the hardware level, maintain to develop skills and progress together, can very well to avoid this problem.
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