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Intelligent lock the alarm way has four dice?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-18
Have been to the Forbidden City tourism can will find, in the stone steps inside and outside of the door on the railing pillars of a spherical, carved all the flower heads, all of the top have dozen of small hole, this kind of thing called 'stone don't pull', alias 'Shi Haixiao', what is this used for? Bring about the Forbidden City 'stone don't pull' ( Alias 'Shi Haixiao') According to relevant historical records, this is the modern used to alarm apparatus. Every foreign invasion, alarm and fire fighting, garrison soldier with mouth blow ball hole, stone club back 'blare, blare' similar screw sound the alarm, the vigorous loud voice can spread around the Forbidden City. In addition, modern shows otherwise, gong, hit alarm methods, such as iron, and now with the changes of The Times and the progress of science and technology, the alarm method has been largely forgotten, followed by double effective method, double intelligent alarm. Like, fire alarm, error alarm, weather warning, such as electronic and intelligent alarm method. What is the meaning of alarm? Reality, the meaning of the alarm is the safe hidden trouble die in germination conditions, or reduced to a minimum will be hidden. Then. When met now fire alarm intelligent lock, and will bring the user how to peace and experience? Locked alarm - — Obsessive-compulsive disorder of the terminator in daily life, if use the machine lock, closed the door forget took out the key locked out; If use, is the active intelligent lock, because users will encounter the door shut in place, cause inclined tongue but pop up, or infrared helpless feeling, and locks the door didn't finish the initiative; The picture is and so much. Encounter this kind of environment, the door lock is 1 or 0 as usual, criminals need to gently pull or press the handle can easily burglary. Is, after go out a lot of people, always feel itself seems to be no locked, a day always scary. Some even far away from home, still don't feel free to come back to confirm whether has been locked. Reality, as well as the usual intelligent lock will be locked alarm functions, the user when you go out if the door is not locked in place but touches latch locked, but feel locked or forget to lift the handle lock, intelligent lock will hum or voice to prompt the user through the process. Pry proof alarm - — Give peace to a 'lock' many users are most worried about is, no person in the home via the outlaws process skills to open, or the clink burglary, but under many circumstances, such cases are difficult to have victory, even if have, property have been disbursed, it is difficult to recover. Is, intelligent lock besides bring people more convenient use experience, in order to exempt from users of these concerns, many intelligent lock products at the beginning of the design has been put so much of the safe hidden danger weigh weigh in. Namely to smart locks prevent pry alarm function. Pry alarm, the efficacy is very useful, when someone forced demolition of lock body, or through the process of unlock tool, the universal key to open the lock, intelligent lock will recoup pry proof alarm sound, the alarm will sound some for 30 seconds, others are lifted, after stop criminals commit crime of some can also be alert in the form of speech, information, pictures sent to the user's phone. Such alarm - — Give life more than a security risk in addition to the criminals to lock damage and crack technical end to the violence, and many, like when user encounters such outlaws to open the door, so fair and square. With is, under such circumstances, lock is far not apply light is strong. For the purpose to cover personal peace many smart locks are equipped with such alarm function. The principle is the user of this effect can be preset alarm combination or alarm fingerprints, when under such outlaws only output rein combination or stifle the fingerprints of the input, the intelligent lock will send help information to family members or close friends. Such alarm method is the biggest advantage, not easy to cause the suspicious of criminals, to avoid the direct alarm provoke outlaws, forcing him to use behaviour cause harm to itself, can let the family members or friends at the same time the first time to adopt corresponding measures, so as to cover itself personal peace. Combination error alarm - — Block crack combination door person seen American movies will with the lens as impression: hackers with a stethoscope crack or through the process of writing counting machine code breaking ciphers, and feel so much hacker is really cool. But again the hacker severe no matter how high, crack tips are all but a crack victory, must be arranged each test, no more than a dozen times and even hundreds of times failure, it is hard to find the right combination. The current intelligent lock with the exception of opening method such as fingerprints, mobile phone, CARDS, and a combination lock. In order to prevent criminals break through process combination lock burglary, many enterprises have to smart lock configuration code error alarm functions, only outlaws continuous output error code three times, intelligent lock will take the initiative to call the police, and lock locks. Under normal environment, combination of output error three times will be locked after 15 minutes, 15 minutes later, criminals to deciphering the code again, and it is full of many uncertainties, 15 minutes brings to the criminals are also many risks, many criminals are under pressure in the heart, will not choose to break again after 15 minutes. Conclusion: you still suspicious of the intelligent lock safe sex users, see these powerful, humane, intelligent, machine can't lock alarm functions, you will also feel smart lock lock peace than machine?
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