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Intelligent store system will promote the change of chain store management mode

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
[Introduction] The intelligent store system is different from the traditional store management mode. It is convenient to use video business analysis technology to mine customers' shopping behavior and consumption preferences, and provide customized consumption environment for consumers in different regions and cultures, and improve the management efficiency of the store and reduce operating costs. . . . . . In the traditional chain store management mode, in the face of chain stores distributed all over the country, enterprises often appoint supervisors and inspectors to supervise and manage stores thousands of miles away, and submit it to the management for analysis, judgment and data support for relevant decisions through written reports and other forms. However, as a result, the cost of manpower and travel has become a big expense, and the work efficiency is not high, failing to reflect the real-time operation of branches in various places in a timely manner, it has a certain impact on store promotions and new products. More importantly, managers do not accurately judge important data such as passenger flow, customer attributes and potential customer groups, even if they want to advertise, I don't know which type of consumer group should be the main direction. Therefore, the traditional store management mode can no longer meet the customers' demand for increasingly personalized consumption. How to use video business analysis technology to mine customers' shopping behavior and consumption preferences, providing customized consumption environment for consumers in different regions and cultures, improving store management efficiency and reducing operating costs has become the Internet'Problems to be solved urgently under the background of the times. Through in-depth understanding of the business needs of retail stores, the three core modules of the intelligent store system have become the norm for security to cut into the daily management of stores with video services, however, if video surveillance is only applied to anti-theft and thief catching, it is obviously impossible to maximize its visualization and real-time picture characteristics. Therefore, in addition to meeting the traditional security needs, the intelligent video analysis system based on store management should pay attention to the following three functional modules when it meets the business of chain stores. Visual Management of video patrol stores is popular at present. In stores where surveillance cameras are installed, managers do not need to go to the site for field visits, instead, you can browse the high-definition video images of each store in real time through the web or mobile App to check the operation status of the store and the working status and service level of the personnel, and can realize online evaluation, on-site promotion and other business functions. In addition, according to the differences in business needs of different enterprises, the system mode of patrol shop can also be flexibly set. Such as through the inspection center' The module can also set up automatic inspection points and store evaluation items according to the company's inspection contents and assessment requirements, so as to customize the inspection system most suitable for the enterprise. Passenger flow statistics in the traditional store passenger flow statistics method, the general use of manpower statistics, is to arrange a special person to stand near a certain commodity, through the manual recording method to count the flow of people in a certain period of time or a certain day. In the intelligent store management system, the number of passengers entering and leaving the store can be accurately counted through the front-end collection of the camera, and various professional reports conforming to the store can be automatically generated through comprehensive marketing data, reduce the statistical workload of relevant personnel and reduce data errors caused by human factors. Hot spot analysis shops have been paying close attention to which area of the store is more concerned by customers, so the hot spot map function can deeply analyze customers' consumption behavior, including a number of refined analysis of hot spots, hot spots, and product attention. With these related reports, the store can decide whether to put new products or promotional information in these hot spots to increase the conversion rate of customers' purchases with high exposure. Data security and mobility under the internet mode due to China's vast territory, many chain stores have hundreds of thousands of branches nationwide, if all stores access the relevant intelligent management system through the public network, it is bound to pay special attention to the security of data transmitted and stored in the public network environment, because once the turnover, new product sales data and internal marketing strategy are leaked by hackers, the relevant data will be learned by competitors and corresponding coping strategies will be deployed. Therefore, in response to the transmission and storage security strategy of image information collected by video surveillance, the following points can be used for reference: cloud server environment security: provides security precautions such as web vulnerability detection, web page detection, port security scanning, host intrusion detection, and anti-DDOS services; «1 2»
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