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Interior door lock and hardware material, how much do you know?

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-10
Indoor door lock is a kind of life we often encounter door lock, is often used in the bedroom, kitchen and toilet, etc. Match and indoor door is the door lock hardware, the hardware with materials on the market now has a lot of, how to find a good place to buy metal material? Today with the indoor door lock factory workers to learn together.     The quality of the indoor door lock hardware can be used from material selection, production process and the actual effect is taken into account, such as indoor hardware now common material has: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum space and pure copper, etc. Here are the several kinds of materials and detail the specific instructions.     1, zinc alloy door locks, belongs to the mid-range price, most consumers are acceptable, can undertake electroplating processing, elegant appearance, corrosion resistant performance is good, is the first choice for well-off families, for families, good-looking door lock, can become a bright spot.     2, stainless steel, aluminum door locks and space belongs to the low price products, these two kinds of material is rich in resources, can lead to price low, often only for simple polishing processing, keep the primary colors of stainless steel, these two kinds of material has good corrosion resistance, in a higher risk of offices or public places.     3, pure copper door lock, I believe you should be more clear for copper, the metal is relatively rare, the price is higher, pure copper has good ductility, can be made into various rich design and modelling, is a product of high-end consumers love and is often used in villa or high-end places.     Now stainless steel 201, 304, two main types of stainless steel, with good performance in 201, 304. So when you buy a stainless steel hardware, need to ask is 201 or 304. From the overall 304 stainless steel is often used as door lock hardware, because of corrosion resistance, high hardness, using the advantages of long service life.     Saw these introduce everyone for door lock and hardware knowledge should have a further understanding of, if want to know more information indoor door lock, you can visit our website: http://www. zide360. com     Recommended reading: interior door lock material zinc alloy to choose what brand of door locks, zinc alloy door lock advantages what
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