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by:FUYU lock     2020-11-07
Now on the market of indoor door lock with material mainly space aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, pure copper is given priority to, including by a lot of people like zinc alloy door lock, the zinc alloy door locks relative to the stainless steel door lock and aluminum door lock has the advantages of large space, indoor door lock manufacturers of professional staff to today with zinc alloy door lock and you talk about what's good about it.     In the price of door lock, stainless steel door lock is lower, mainly because of the stainless steel door lock processing method is simple, general is polished and primary color is given priority to, less the electroplating of zinc alloy door locks. From the point of material, the cost of the stainless steel door lock is low, is one of the reasons why many people choose and buy.     So pure copper door lock? Have hardware common sense knows, pure copper prices are relatively high, the same reason to lock with pure copper, the cost is high, mass is soft and pure copper, can make all sorts of modelling, is our common pure copper door lock is used on villa front door or high-end hotels, complex shape, the classical atmosphere.     Zinc alloy door locks a little higher than stainless steel, is lower than the cost of pure copper, with all the characteristics of two kinds of material: mainly include: & emsp;   1, high hardness, strength.     2, metal performance is good, can make all kinds of complicated shape, meet the needs of different users.     3, surface electroplating, spray paint, polishing processing, the surface is smooth, feel better.     4, zinc alloy melting point is lower, can melt at 385 degrees, all sorts of modelling are formed by casting.     5, environmental protection materials, repeated use can be recycled.     6, zinc alloy door lock has a strong corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, long service life.     So, zinc alloy door locks, moderate price and with all the characteristics of the stainless steel and pure copper door lock, choose zinc alloy door locks a bargain, isn't it?     More wonderful interior door lock information recommendation: what are advantages of zinc alloy door lock indoor door lock elements what stainless steel hand lock selection considerations of space aluminum door lock key points of choose and buy
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