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Interior door manufacturer to tell you that the handle is broken how to change

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-04
Interior door manufacturer to tell you that the handle is broken how to replace the indoor door lock is the barrier of home safety, can effectively will be the thief away. Every lock switch several times every day, and accumulate over a long period come down to a certain number of times after will appear all sorts of problems, one of the handle is often appear problem, such as fall off, loose, rub off, oxidation and so on. Some households can buy their own a doorknob, change yourself, for many people is not clear how to change the handle, don't know where to start. Under the interior door lock factory workers teach everyone how to change the handle.     The handle is broken to do: & emsp;   1, the tool will be fixed with prepared the handle on both sides of the screw removed, usually fixed up and down the handle of the screw is two, are removed, the handle can take down.     2, buy a new door handle, can from the network channels or entity shop to buy, you need to pay attention to is each door lock handle size is not the same, if not clear size, suggested holding in hand, to go to a hardware store to buy. New doorknob suggest choose stainless steel material, this kind of material of high hardness, corrosion resistance, service life is long.     3, buy new locks, look at the instruction for use, in accordance with the procedure for installation. When to change the handle to remember to keep the door is open state, otherwise if shut down, and there is no way to open is in trouble. Installation is simple, put his hand on the door lock is decent, then fixed on both sides of the screw.     4, the handle need to test after the installation is complete, the elastic how to try handle, open close the door for many times, test using effect.     Indoor door to tell you that the handle is broken how to replace the above is the details about the handle change, said the steps is detailed, easy to understand. Key to remind: buy the handle must choose the size or type relative, bought the wrong installed will not waste energy.
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