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Internet smart door lock brand Guojia joins hands with Greenland Group to create intelligent management boutique apartment

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
Recently, the Internet smart door lock brand Guojia has reached a partnership with Greenland Group, which will be the Kunming Dacheng world under Greenland' Tourist apartments provide Internet intelligent door lock solutions to help green space and customers realize safer and more convenient management and living methods. Guojia and Greenland Group reached a cooperative green space · The Dacheng Tiandi project is located in the southern city of Kunming, close to Xishan, Dianchi and other scenic spots. The environment is comfortable and elegant. It is a high-end resort integrating tourism, business office, leisure and entertainment. The Bluetooth version of the Internet intelligent door lock solution provided by Guojia for green space fully meets the management needs of green space for houses. The Bluetooth version of the Internet smart door lock can be remotely managed without broadband. The time-sensitive encryption password is generated through the fruit and cloud, and the permission is issued to the customer. The customer can unlock the lock through the mobile phone, or through the password to facilitate the check-in, the liberation of housing managers time. At the same time, the remote permission of the door lock and the function setting of the password will help the green space to efficiently manage the apartment room. As a domestic technology company that started earlier and focused on Internet smart locks, it will make living safer and more convenient' As the mission of the enterprise, with the high technology and applicability of the products, it is widely used in centralized/decentralized apartment operators, long/short rental houses, rental and sales platform operators, hotels and family households, and through its own continuous innovation, accelerate the development and transformation of business travel accommodation and smart home.
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