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Introduction - hand lock manufacturing process - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-12
Hand lock, lock is everyday life we often meet in general as long as the door handle, can be a hand lock, the market mainstream hand lock has: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum space and four kinds of pure copper, depending on the material properties, its production technology is also a much difference. Currently there are two main technology of production of hand lock: stamping and casting pressure. Under the interior door lock factory staff, these two technologies and everyone do a detailed introduction.     Door lock stamping technology: the technology is one of the mainstream technology of production of locks, many abroad can do automatic stamping production line, the use of mechanical automation for pressure transmission, stretching, etc. Even part of the company is also done, using a combination of multiple machines with the function of the difference between a mechanical arm force combined into a new production line, done efficiently, save the production cost.     Now domestic door sizes, many small manufacturers still use human stamping, this will cause a lot of material loss, will greatly increase the overall cost, made the door quality is differ, unstable.     Pressure casting technology: we usually see some high-end door lock handle, the control panel of the above complex pattern, is done by pressure casting technology, pressure casting technology can be made complex pattern on the metal surface, on the accuracy and control than the stamping technology improved a lot, door lock after stamping and pressure casting process, has been formed in the shape of the general, want to have a better touch, electroplating processing is needed.     Electroplating: this is above the process from simple to lock put on a coat, the coat has a well protect metals from corrosion, the characteristics of oxidation, prolong the service life of the door. And used electroplating processing door lock, in touch will greatly improve, is loved by everyone.     Manufacture of door lock is a very complicated technology, in addition to the above mentioned pressure technology of stamping, casting, polishing, grinding, assembly process, etc. More wonderful information can visit: http://www. zide360. com
In the past few decades, custom door lock production has increased because of the use of lock manufacturing.
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