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Introduction of door lock type and safety level

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-24
To introduce the type of door lock 1 spherical door lock spherical door lock is more common, which means that the handle of the door lock is spherical, the manufacturing process is relatively simple, and the cost is low. It is widely used in our country. Because of its poor security, it is generally used for indoor door lock. The products are mainly made of iron, stainless steel and copper. Iron is used in the inner structure of the product. The outer shell is made of stainless steel and the lock core is made of copper. Introduction of door lock types and security levels 2 three bar handle lock three bar handle lock in the family door lock types, commonly used in the decoration of room door locks. Compared with other locks, the three-bar handle lock is relatively simple in manufacturing process and relatively low in cost. It is the most common but most frequently used series of lock types in China's lock market. However, due to the three-bar handle lock, its safety performance is not very good, and it can only be used as a room lock. The main materials are copper iron stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the handle is mostly aluminum alloy, and the shell is mostly stainless steel lock core is mostly copper. Introduction of door lock types and security levels 3. The lock is divided into two types: one is connected lock and the other is separated lock. The materials of the lock are various, generally made of stainless steel zinc alloy and copper. The safety performance of the plug-in handle lock is better, and it is mostly used in the room door or the entrance door. This kind of plug-in handle lock is also widely used. The introduction of door lock type and security level 4 glass door lock with the appearance of glass door, there are many glass door locks. The advantages of the glass lock are that the glass does not need to be perforated, and the safety performance is better. Glass door locks are usually made of high-strength structural steel or zinc alloy die-casting or stainless steel, which overcomes the shortcomings of iron zinc alloy, which is easy to rust and aging, and the surface treatment is mostly wire drawing or mirror surface, which is beautiful and elegant, with a sense of fashion. The introduction of lock types and security levels 5. Electronic password lock electronic password lock is a new type of lock. It needs to input password to control the chip circuit, so as to control the switch closure of electronic password lock. Electronic password lock belongs to one of the electronic products. There are many kinds of electronic password locks, including simple circuit electronic password locks and chip based products with high cost performance. Electronic password lock is also widely used now. The lock of electronic password lock is mainly realized by programming with chip as the core. Introduction of door lock types and security level 6 other door lock types in addition to the above four more commonly used types of household door locks, there are many different types of household door locks. For example, there are three types of padlocks: password padlock, iron padlock, copper padlock, with the main specifications of 2030152550406075mm; draw lock, color lock, handle lock, electric control lock, etc. different types of locks, different decoration places, and different security stability. In the type of household door lock, it's better to choose the door lock with super-B level, which has high security and needs more than half an hour to be opened with anti technology. Kai, the regional mutual opening rate is zero (1 / 16 million). The bullet structure is double row blades and V-shaped side column lock. If the lock cylinder is opened with strong twisting tool, the inner part of the lock cylinder is damaged, and the lock is self exploded, which leads to the failure of opening, it is opened, and the time is very long. The thief has the risk of being found, so many thieves will not visit the family of C-class lock cylinder.
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