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Introduction of film bolt lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-19
The layer disc bolt lock is commonly known as shrapnel lock. If you have the experience of opening the bullet lock, then you will not have any difficulty in opening the general lock, especially the motorcycle lock, commonly known as a single-sided lock. The car lock is'Double-sided piece Lock' Therefore, the lock should be opened by using a hook to highlight the upper and lower films in the lock hole or pulling the hook. The keyhole of this lock is wider, so a thicker push rod should be used. General shrapnel locks can also use single hooks'Poking point pressure method' Unlocking, especially those shrapnel locks that are not very precise, is not difficult to unlock, such as shrapnel locks used on some motorcycles, motors and cars, which are also easy to be concealed with keys. At present, many new cars use a lot of special locks, such as the so-called'External milling groove'Key lock, inner milling groove' Key locks, and what people call car locks'Fragment'The shrapnel lock,'Poking point pressure method' It is difficult to unlock the lock, but sometimes it can still be pried to unlock the lock. Side column shrapnel lock'Poking method point pressure' No, but you can use some skills to directly open the door of the car's lock, such as The Wire Hook. The general shrapnel lock has a weak ability to resist strong twisting of the lock cylinder, and sometimes it will be opened by strong twisting of the lock cylinder with a strong opening tool. In order to enhance the anti-theft performance, some good quality car locks have thicker films and a large number of films. The general car ignition switch lock is more than the number of car door lock films, which is more difficult to open.
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