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Introduction of fire lock function

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-20
1, push rod alarm, key control alarm. 2, pure mechanical work, no power supply 3, this channel lock can be based on, choose to connect the following: double door, access control, alarm controller, smoke sensor, magnetic lock, voice alarm, etc. 4, through the key to cancel or set the alarm. The push rod sends out an alarm of more than 100 decibels under the set alarm state, and the push rod does not make an alarm sound under the cancel alarm state. 5, 9V battery power supply alarm. The fire alarm escape door lock, which the fire department plans to promote and apply this year, is expected to properly solve this problem. This is a kind of door lock that can be easily pushed open at any time. In case of emergency, people can smoothly'Break the door'And out; However, when pushing the door, it will immediately issue an alarm, which will eliminate the possibility of the thief pushing the door and entering while meeting the fire escape requirements.
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