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IPv6 power skynet NBIoT smart locks, safety record - | NBIoT smart lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
Nowadays the information technology revolution for the traditional industry transformation and effects can be used to generalize the word 'subversion'. Along with the rapid development of the enterprise business, the shortage and limitations of IPv4 itself become the focus, but also become a big obstacle to enterprise application development, network operations and security problems such as frequent. Especially in the Internet of things, a wisdom city and industry in the era of the Internet, tens of millions of terminals, sensor will access to the IP network, but all this to IPv4 address (4. 3 billion Not considering the private network, multicast, reserve to use address) It is not enough. Compared to IPv4 and IPv6 is all aspects of network security. First, IPv6 address space of the huge dozens or even hundreds of years to meet present and future user demands for address assignment, each Internet users and devices can get at least one IPv6 is the only public address, for safety traceability job with great promotion. Secondly, the agreement the built-in end-to-end security encryption than IPv4 greatly improved its security protection function, reduces the network safety and hacker attacks the safe hidden trouble of enterprise information theft. Thus IPv6 in the 'Internet +', new wisdom city, industrial areas such as the Internet, the Internet of things, intelligent manufacture will bring new changes. Skynet interconnection technology ( Shenzhen) Co. , LTD. ( 'Skynet interconnected') As high Internet of things in the Internet era, around the 'safety first, quality service' for the purpose has been committed to the Internet of things intelligent lock ( Technology) Product development, while at the same time for IPv6 Internet security products to bring qualitative change maintained high attention and research and development. In skynet interconnected developers constantly efforts, the company research and development of all smart locks have been fully implemented IPv6 protocol support, now the company every smart lock has the only independent 'network id', make the safety coefficient of intelligent lock quality are obtained. The security and reliability of IPv6 detail IPv6 in the security of the Internet of things. Because of nodes deployed in the application of Internet of things way is more complex. Nodes may be connected to the network by way of cable or wireless way. So the node security situation is more complex. In using IPv4 scene a hacker may through the way of scan host IPv4 addresses in the network to find the node, and find the corresponding holes. In IPv6 scenarios. Support the number of nodes is great (due to the same subnet Achieve 10 billion orders of magnitude) , hackers found by means of scan host more difficult. Based protocol stack design in the mouth, alum 6 to embed the IPsec protocol based protocol stack. The ends of the communication can enable IPSec encryption communication of information and communication process. In the network hackers will not be able to adopt the method of man-in-the-middle attack to destroy or hijack communication process. At the same time, hackers even captures the node communication packet, also could not steal because they can't decode information communication node.
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