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Is fingerprint password lock secure?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-06
Fingerprint anti-theft lock, with better security, can be used in the process of standard house decoration. As an important partition between indoor and outdoor, the anti-theft door should be reliable in quality. Choose the good quality, then we need to choose the brand of anti-theft door. What are the top ten brands of anti-theft door at present. More about the security door, the small edition will be introduced in detail, to provide a reference for decoration. Security doors and wooden doors. This kind of lock can automatically or semi automatically connect the lock system with the anti-theft door, without affecting the performance of the original anti-theft door. 2. The high security factor of anti-theft fingerprint password lock is the guarantee for consumers' life. However, the ten brands of locks are sponsored by China's top ten brand networks, At present, what are the brands of locks? What are the top ten brands of locks? When locks can be developed, thieves will also study them. Therefore, in case of a rainy day, the door lock industry should be ahead of thieves and create more products satisfying consumers. According to the anti-theft performance, the popular fingerprint lock is divided into two types: ordinary fingerprint lock and anti-theft fingerprint lock. The common fingerprint lock is not much different from the original electronic lock. It mainly uses fingerprint authentication instead, but it can't be used for the existing domestic anti-theft door. This kind of fingerprint lock doesn't have the hook of Tiandi bar, and it can't use the security system of Tiandi (some imported fingerprint locks on the market don't meet the national industry standards, but can only be used for wooden doors). 4. Different anti-theft performance, real estate transaction price actually reached by both parties according to certain legal procedures. There are also big differences in market prices. The price of fingerprint lock with mechanical anti-theft function is significantly higher than that of ordinary fingerprint lock without Tiandi anti-theft function. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of fingerprint lock, first of all, according to your door to choose the corresponding lock. Generally, fingerprint lock is selected according to the requirements of use
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