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Is Fuyu electronic lock safe?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-17
Is Fuyu electronic lock safe? Many customers have this question recently. The following editor will give you a detailed answer: 1. The lock core used by Fuyu electronic lock is a super B-grade real plug lock core, and the anti-technical opening time exceeds 270 minutes; the stainless steel three-proof lock body, anti-prying, anti-jamming and anti-saw , The two-way lock tongue is anti-opening; the door handle is made of zinc alloy, and the process adopts a die-casting one-time molding and a 7-layer electroplating process. 2. Equipped with a high-definition wide-angle camera, with the WeChat applet mobile phone reminder. It allows the thief to have nowhere to hide at your door, and keeps the hidden dangers of family safety out of the door. At the same time, through the WeChat applet, you can view the photos of family members who open the door in real time, and the 'cloud' recording function of the door is opened, and the stored data is safe and not lost. 3. 5 smart alarm functions, no matter you are on a business trip or at work, you don't have to worry about no one to look after your house. a. Anti-pry alarm b. Alarm when the password is entered incorrectly (more than 5 times when the password is entered) c. Open the sliding cover alarm d. Anti-holding alarm e. Low battery alarm 4. The inner handle is designed with a round handle to prevent malicious opening of the lock through the eyes of a cat. Moreover, it inherits the anti-locking function of the mechanical lock, turning the inner door button, all unlocking methods outside the door are invalid. 5. Anti-peeping virtual password technology, enter a few digits before and after, as long as you keep 6 consecutive correct passwords in the middle, it is safe and awkward in front of acquaintances. In addition, Fuyu electronic locks have obtained the electronic lock inspection certification of the Ministry of Public Security, which is one of the most authoritative fingerprint anti-theft lock certifications on the market, and few door lock companies in China own it. So Fuyu electronic lock is still very safe!
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