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Is it better to buy an electronic smart lock which is imported or domestically produced?

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-10
Fingerprint locks have been in China for almost 20 years, and now they are rapidly becoming popular. In recent years, many brands of fingerprint locks have emerged, including many domestic brands and some imported brands. When choosing a fingerprint lock, the most tangled thing is whether to choose a domestic fingerprint lock or an imported fingerprint lock? What is the difference between domestic and imported products? First, we abandon some unspoken concepts, such as foreign ones are good but expensive, and domestic ones are cheap but poor quality. Domestic fingerprint lock brands are indeed mixed, so here is a comparison between domestic regular fingerprint lock brands and foreign brands. Let's return to the fingerprint lock itself, and look at the difference between them in terms of security and experience. Security includes three aspects: lock body, panel and fingerprint recognition module 1. Lock body Domestic fingerprint locks generally use high-level anti-theft lock bodies with large lock cylinders, while the European and American standard lock body lock cylinders are small. 2. Panels domestic and foreign products Most of them are made of sturdy stainless steel or alloy materials. Of course, there are fingerprint locks made of plastic materials both at home and abroad. 3. Fingerprint lock recognition module The Chinese fingerprint is shallow, and the more sensitive fingerprint lock recognition technology is used, while the European and American fingerprint locks are deep. The easy identification experience includes the stability of the fingerprint lock and the humanized functions of the fingerprint lock. 1. Stability Foreign fingerprint locks have been developed for a long time. The stability of the fingerprint lock itself is better than that of China, but the use environment of the fingerprint lock in China is different. In foreign countries, there are naturally many compatibility problems during installation and use, and compatibility affects the experience. 2. Full-featured functions will bring convenience to life. Now the unlocking method, anti-theft alarm and remote operation are not technically difficult to achieve. Basically, the difference between domestic and foreign fingerprint locks is not big. Quality and experience are a very important consideration, but another factor is also very important, and that is price. At present, price is one of the biggest advantages of domestic fingerprint locks. So when you buy a fingerprint lock, if you are looking for cost performance, the domestic Fuyu brand with a 36-year-old brand is naturally the first choice.
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