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Is it necessary to install a fingerprint lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-27
A few days ago, a good friend reported me a happy event, and her family moved into a new house! She was very satisfied after buying this house. One is that it is convenient for the child to go to school; the other is that she can finally provide comfort to the parents who have worked hard for most of their lives. Third, the location is still very good, shopping and transportation are very convenient; at this moment, she is wondering whether it is necessary to have a fingerprint lock? I asked why she felt that she needed a fingerprint lock. She was so excited that she told me: I saw some features of the fingerprint lock, and what attracted her was that she didn’t need to bring the key; don’t worry about losing or breaking the key, and always run to the key store; although everyone in the house would wear a key , But it is inevitable that she sometimes forgets to carry it or loses it, which makes her very distressed; please clean the aunt, give the key and worry about the safety of the lock; especially the hospitable, she can no longer wait for the guests to come and go out. Grocery's beautiful when you think about it. And more importantly, it is the elderly parents, who have poor memory and weak eyesight. Every time they see them groping for the keyhole to rotate the key; they can’t get into the house after losing the key, and they have to run back after they just went to work. When I opened the door to my parents, I especially wanted to give them a better life... I asked her again, apparently installing a fingerprint lock is necessary for your family, but what is she struggling with? She was worried about insecurity. After searching some information from the Internet, she found that fingerprints can be copied, and a fingerprint film can be cracked; if the fingerprint cannot be identified, she will not be able to enter the house...Safety, not just my friend, It is also a problem that many people worry about! But as an editor who has been deeply involved in the fingerprint lock industry for a long time, whether the fingerprint lock is safe or not has a lot to do with the maturity of the technology. Naturally, the technology is not only related to the general environment such as national support and social development, but also related to the brand. Close relationship! Choose a powerful company, it has strong technology and team support. At present, the penetration rate of fingerprint locks in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan has exceeded more than half, and fingerprint locks have become their standard equipment , The technological development of the general environment can be said to be quite mature. Regarding whether it is fingerprint unlocking or password unlocking, they have been upgraded for security issues. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the fingerprint head is a live sensor. This technology is to record fingerprints through identification. For the genuine leather part, fake fingerprints are rejected. Fingerprint locks with less than 1,000 yuan should be bought carefully. After all, the cost lies there! Choosing a big brand and choosing a brand with guaranteed after-sales service requires consideration when buying fingerprint locks or other electronic products. Important question.
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