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Is it necessary to install smart locks for new home decoration?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of people's income and living standards, the aesthetics of home decoration has also risen. Many people are attracted by the high-performance and high-performance smart door locks when they are decorated in their new homes. They also want to install such a smart lock at home to improve the home improvement level. So is it necessary to install a smart lock? Will it become a chicken rib'What? Next, let's analyze it carefully. Question 1: Do you or your family often forget to bring keys and lose keys? Question 2: Do you often feel anxious about not finding the key in the morning? Question 3: In the past three years, has your family been looking for an unlocking company more than twice? Question 4: Are there elderly parents and school children in the family? Question 5: Your Wife (Or you) Often, before entering the door after shopping, I have to put things on the ground to find the key? Question 6: Will a smart lock of several thousand yuan cause financial pressure on your family? The above question and answer, in fact, as long as the answer to Article 6 is no'You can have the courage to install the smart lock. So far, the penetration rate of smart locks in our country is only 3%, and the public's understanding of smart locks is still in the initial stage, while the penetration rate in European and American countries on the other side of the Earth has reached more than 50%, the penetration rate in Japan, South Korea and other countries is as high as over 70% and is constantly rising. The data tells us that smart locks are bound to develop into every necessary product in the future, just like computers 10 years ago. Do many people think it is necessary to buy them when they buy them? Will it be idle? The answer is clear. Let's explain why smart locks are worth buying, and take the most widely known Samsung smart lock classic SHS-DP728. Convenience: Five ways to open the door- Password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, magnetic card unlocking, Bluetooth remote unlocking, emergency key unlocking, Intelligence: push-pull door opening, entry and exit record inquiry, family home reminder, security: floating security code, fire detection, outing prevention function, fashion: four colors can match different home aesthetic needs, whether in convenience or security considerations, smart locks are quite worth buying, for those who often lose their keys, or those who have forgetfulness in their homes or children who go to school at a young age, the smart lock brings great convenience, and sometimes the elderly or children cannot be contacted by phone, through the mobile phone to check the entry and exit records, you can know whether the other party has arrived home safely, which greatly facilitates us who are busy at work, let alone how easy it is to go out every day without having to bring the key. Many working mothers are always worried about their husbands and children when they are on a business trip. They call more than one day, which delays their work and affects their mood. At this time, the superiority of smart locks is reflected, for example, the home reminder function of Samsung smart lock will send a text message to inform other family members when they return home, so that other family members can know in time, save time and worry, and under the permission of economic ability, why refuse such convenience? At present, there are 11 products in the Samsung smart lock, whether it is quality, appearance, after-sales, etc. , can meet the needs of current users, and the price is also different from the function, can meet the consumption needs of different families. It is estimated that around June 30, Samsung smart lock will present a new generation of smart lock products at the Beijing Expo. The specific style has not yet been disclosed. With the strength of Samsung smart lock, I believe there will be another round of disturbances about the appearance and function of smart locks. What surprises will it bring, just wait for the Beijing Expo to be announced!
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