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Is it necessary to verify the identity of the

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
With the increasing use of anti-theft doors, even some families in rural areas have installed anti-theft doors. However, some middle-aged and old people just think that the anti-theft doors are solid and do not know that the lock cylinder of the anti-theft doors is dedicated. So there are many troubles in the process of replacing the lock cylinder. It often happens to lose the key in our life, but when we go to match the key or change the lock cylinder, we can't find the right one, which makes many consumers bother. This is that the anti-theft door company did not inform the consumers in detail when selling. The lock cylinder of the anti-theft door is special. If you want to repair the lock cylinder, you must contact the after-sales service of the anti-theft door company. When replacing the lock cylinder of the anti-theft door, you should not only apply to the exclusive shop, but also show your identity certificate. If you are not the head of the house, you will not be replaced. In this way, in order to standardize the management, you will also improve the anti-theft measures. It is a very common thing to repair and replace the lock cylinder, but the repair and replacement of the lock cylinder of the anti-theft door is more complex, but the security performance is also greatly improved, which is why the anti-theft door is more and more common now.
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