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Is it really easier to recruit thieves by installing smart locks? NO, you worry too much!

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
Locks, no matter in which era, are always inseparable from safety. From the knot to the stone as the block, from the later bone Bolt, wooden latch, wooden pin bolt, mud copy seal to all kinds of locks with copper as the main material, up to now, all the/B/C locks are constantly competing and playing games with thieves. Of course, every upgrade of Theft Technology also promotes the upgrade of lock safety. Therefore, lock safety and technical unlocking are always a relationship between spears and shields. They are mutually reinforcing. For thieves, I hope there is no lock that cannot be opened in the world, while for lock enterprises, preventing thieves is always the goal of enterprises. However, under the current background of intelligence and informatization, locks are continuously developing and progressing with the trend of the times, and more intelligent locks are gradually approaching people's vision. In the eyes of many users, the safety of locks is always in the first place, and convenience is paid attention to only after safety is solved. Therefore, many users are always hesitating when buying smart locks: is smart locks really safe? Some people think that smart locks are cheap at around 3000 and expensive at over. This is not obvious to tell thieves: My family is using smart locks. My family is very rich. You can steal them! ' And there are not a few users with such similar emotions. Therefore, for them, it is better to buy a high-tech smart lock that has been stolen than a mechanical lock with a higher security level. There is nothing wrong with users from a security point of view. However, the safety of locks can be divided into two aspects: On the one hand, it is to protect the safety of family property; On the other hand, it is to protect the personal safety of family members. These two aspects of safety have proved difficult in the era of mechanical locks. Regarding the safety of family property, it is to prevent thieves from entering the room from outside the door. Whether it is a mechanical lock or a smart lock, the purpose is to increase the cost of the thief. Whether the mechanical lock is opened by technology or violence, the cost of committing the crime is very low, and it can often be stolen without knowing it, and there is no trace on the door. However, although the intelligent lock is suspected of being ostentatious, it belongs to the category of active theft prevention and brings higher crime cost to thieves. First of all, most of the current smart locks have anti-violence and anti-technology to open the alarm function, which means that as long as someone wants to enter the room through these two means, the user's mobile phone can receive the information in the first time, and make emergency measures according to the situation. Secondly, the vast majority of smart locks currently have remote monitoring functions. That is to say, under the condition that all kinds of preventive measures are ineffective, the smart lock can also be kept as evidence by taking photos or videos through remote monitoring. Even if the thief successfully opens the lock to steal, he will not be able to escape legal sanctions in the future. Therefore, the smart lock is only a shock to the thief, not a thief. There are two situations about the personal safety of family members. One is that when family members are at home, criminals want to enter the room by opening locks, posing a threat to the personal safety of family members; The other is the forced crawling of the window caused by forgetting the key, which threatens the life of the family. In the former case, like the protection of property safety, under the anti-violence, anti-technology open alarm and remote monitoring, criminals are basically unavoidable. However, most of the forced climbing into the house and falling from the building due to the door lock are caused by forgetting to bring the key or losing the key. The smart lock can just make up for the defects of the mechanical lock. Just enter the fingerprint or enter the password to open the door, and it will not bring the trouble of forgetting the key or losing the key. To sum up, the smart lock is not a tool for thieves, but a high-tech means to form a strong deterrent effect on thieves and increase their crime costs, and can effectively protect the personal safety of family members. Therefore, it is the general trend for smart locks to replace mechanical locks.
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