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Is it safe to develop trademark locks? Take a look at the truly safe smart electronic lock!

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-15
Owning a house of your own is a deep-rooted dream and concept of every Chinese, because a house represents a home. As for 'homeBecause home is always the harbor of life, a harbor where you can dock no matter the wind is sunny or the storm. Therefore, before moving to a new home, the Chinese must do a good job of decoration and beautification. After the decoration, they must purchase various household appliances, furniture, kitchens and bathrooms, etc., and then move the family into the new house after everything is prepared. If conditions permit, there is often a housewarming banquet to invite relatives and friends to celebrate in a friendly manner. Many people think that it is time to breathe a sigh of relief at this point. But is this really going to be all right? Have you ever thought about a door lock that you work hard to protect your home and family day and night, is it really safe? Without a safe lock, where can a safe home come? Without a safe home, where can a happy life come? Many users may ask: 'Isn't the lock provided by the developer a lock?' Yes, it is indeed a lock, but there is still a difference between a lock and a lock. In order to save costs, most of the locks provided by most developers are Class A mechanical locks, and their security is far behind the thief's unlocking technology; at the same time, the AB keys used in the decoration have left hidden dangers to the safety of the locks. Therefore, we suggest that when you move to a new home, it is best to replace a safe and convenient smart lock. Why is it a smart lock instead of a more secure B-level or C-level mechanical lock? Fuyu Smart Cloud Lock adopts super C-level lock core, which makes the home safe and worry-free! First of all, this is an age of no life without intelligence. After having a smart phone, will you still be using a feature phone? After you have a smart TV, will you still be using a traditional TV? After Alipay, will you still bring your wallet often... We believe that the answer given by most people is definitely: 'With better things, who will use those things that are behind the times.' So, Replacing smart locks is the need and trend of the development of the times. Fuyu Smart Lock is a smart lock for video calls. Secondly, security is not as simple as preventing thieves. The nursing home is the primary responsibility of the lock, so a mechanical lock with a higher security level is sufficient. However, some security is not brought by thieves. For example, the recent news that people lost their lives by climbing a window and falling home because they forgot to bring their keys has sounded a wake-up call for people's personal safety. The smart lock is a lock that does not need to carry a key, and there is no trouble of forgetting to bring and losing the key. Of course, there will be no incidents of climbing a window and falling from a building due to forgetting to bring the key. As a product of science and technology, smart locks are no less than mechanical locks in terms of anti-theft performance. In addition to having a C-level lock cylinder that is as safe as mechanical locks, smart locks also have active anti-theft functions such as anti-prying and anti-technical opening alarms, so Smart locks are more secure. Once again, a good smart lock is a care for the family. Parents are old and can’t always be with them, so every day they worry about whether they have gone home after going out; when you’re not at home, the child is like a wild horse running away. It is difficult for you to know his whereabouts, let alone know. Does he go home on time? So for a family with old people and small children, how can such a problem be solved?
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