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Is it safe to have people unlock and change locks

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-28
Every day, countless little friends lock the door because they forget to bring the key, some because they go out to dump the garbage, and the door is locked as soon as the wind blows; some because they are in a hurry to work, and they forget to bring the key, and they live alone; some because the door lock is broken, they can turn the lock cylinder door handle, but they can't open it. In a word, every day someone turns to the locksmith for help. But at the same time, there are also people who use the job of unlocking to commit crimes. Then, in order to avoid such things, the following behaviors are not unlocked. 1. If the identity documents are not complete or there is a false hiding identity, it shall not be unlocked. Many locksmiths will come to the door in the shortest time after receiving the demand from the other party, but not every one will verify the identity of the householder. They usually leave after they open the lock and take the money, so one of the industry regulations is that people who cannot be identified will not be unlocked. 2 if the ownership of the house property cannot be confirmed, it shall not be unlocked. Recently, there was such a news that thieves called the master to unlock the lock and stole a large number of foreign wine and liquor in the house, with a total value of more than two million yuan. Therefore, a thief who pretends to be a homeowner or landlord will use the industry of unlocking to achieve the purpose of burglary. 3 units in holidays are generally not allowed to unlock. Holiday units are in the state of no one working, and in order to ensure important internal documents of the company, the units in the holidays are generally not unlocked. 4. If there is no safe box signed and sealed by the person in charge of the unit, the file cabinet will not be unlocked. For example, the key of the safe is very important and will be well preserved. The file cabinet is very important. Once lost, it may cause huge losses. Therefore, without the signature and official seal of the relevant person in charge, the safe file cabinet cannot be unlocked. All vehicles of unknown origin will not be unlocked. At the end of the year, the thief's goal is not only to enter the house and steal, but also the battery car and even the car will become the first target of the thief. Therefore, vehicles of unknown origin will not be unlocked without relevant proof. Driving license, driving license and ID card are all related valid certificates. 6. The lock will not be unlocked if the government has taken compulsory measures. Some people who have been put on the blacklist of dishonesty or who have been forced to take compulsory measures cannot be unlocked. If you encounter someone with mental disorder, you can't unlock the lock, such as the patient who is delirious after drinking or suffering from mental illness. In order to prevent accidents, the master will not unlock the lock. How is it safer to unlock? When the door is locked at home, don't rush to dial the unlocking phone on the door or on the wall in case of this situation. Who knows if it's true that the case has been prepared by the public security bureau? At this time, you can dial 110 and tell the specific address. The police uncle will give the contact information of the nearest registered unlocking company to you at the first time. But now it's really expensive to open a lock at the door. The starting point is one or two hundred yuan. If you are afraid that the lost key will be used by the bad guys, you have to change a new lock for the sake of safety. It's hundreds, so don't lose the key at will!
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