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Is it so easy to open a cat's eye? On the importance of equipped with anti-cat's eye device!

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-05
As the end of the year approaches, burglary cases will occur frequently. Among them, the number of burglaries by criminals opening locks through cats’ eyes is increasing year by year. Why is this happening? First of all, the cat’s eye unlocking tool is simple to make and can be made by yourself, or can be easily purchased online; second, the cat’s eye unlocking technology is simple and easy to learn. You only need to break the cat’s eye and extend the cat’s eye tool into the door to unlock, and it takes a short time and is the fastest It takes ten seconds to complete the unlocking. So, what is cat eye unlocking? In fact, the criminals use a special cat-eye tool similar to a “manipulator” to open the cat’s eye and reach into the room and press the handle to unlock it. However, when buying anti-theft doors, most users only pay attention to how thick, strong, how many locks there are, and the level and safety of the lock, but ignore one of the weakest links of the door-cat's eye. For example, last year, Mr. Yao, who lives in Chongqing Liangjiang New District, did not lock the door when he went to work, but when he returned home, he found that the door could not be opened. When he contacted the unlocker, a strange man suddenly opened the door from his house and ran straight to the stairs. The time disappeared quickly. Upon investigation, the suspect Gou used a lock tool to unlock the door from the cat’s eye and burglary. In fact, news of this kind is not uncommon in major media. Then why do such cases always continue to be banned after repeated prohibitions? There are several main reasons: 1. The original peephole of the anti-theft door is too fragile and no peephole protection device is installed; 2. Most of the locks do not have the function of preventing peephole unlocking or automatic locking; 3. The user forgets to lock the door when going out. From the current point of view, not only the mechanical lock's ability to prevent cat's eye unlocking is very weak, but the ability of smart locks to prevent cat's eye unlocking is not optimistic. At present, more than 80% of smart locks are reversed by lifting the outdoor handle, and pressing down the indoor handle can open the door. Therefore, for a cat's eye without any protection, the smart lock can be opened with a cat's eye tool easily. Of course, there are also many companies from the perspective of security. At the beginning of the design of smart locks, the anti-peephole unlocking function was taken into consideration. The most common method is to add a button on the indoor handle, which must be pressed before opening the door. Press the button and then the handle to open the door. The biggest advantage of this design is that when the peephole unlocking tool is not pressed, when the peephole unlocking tool touches the indoor handle, the handle is always in a free state, which not only blocks the passage for thieves to use the peephole to unlock the room, but also prevents burglary. Young children open the door and get lost without their parents' attention. In addition, the loss of many pets has a lot to do with the lack of an anti-cat eye opening device. Therefore, from the perspective of the user's personal and property safety, it is the enterprise's conscience to install an anti-cat eye opening device on the smart lock. Although such a small function will increase the cost of smart locks to a certain extent, if there is no such function and users suffer losses, then what is the social responsibility of the company? !
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