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Is smart lock suitable for the elderly? -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-12
The purpose of the lock is to form a line of defense at home and protect the safety of the home. Therefore, for smart locks, safety is the first consideration. Now many older people have a fear of smart door locks or smart products. They feel that they can’t see clearly or can’t read when they are old, so they can only stay away from new things. In addition, from the '2017 Empty Nest Elderly Survey ReportOne elderly person lives alone. Nowadays, young people are busy with their careers and usually work in other places. There are two elderly people at home. When they are older, they occasionally go out for a walk. It is common for them to forget to bring their keys. They can’t enter the house even at the door. In the end they can only ask someone to help. The lock is picked, which is very inconvenient. The young consumer groups born in the 80s and 90s are more inclined to intelligent products in the home, travel, medical and other aspects. At the same time, as children, they cannot be with their parents at all times due to work reasons. They hope that smart products can bring more to their parents. Safe and convenient life. If you want to prevent the elderly from forgetting to bring the lock and unable to enter the door, installing a smart door lock is indeed a good choice. After entering the fingerprint of the elderly, you can open the door by pressing the door lock. The situation at home. With the rise of the smart industry wave, more and more cases of buying smart door locks with parents experience. With the intensification of population aging and the liberalization of the two-child policy, the proportion of the elderly and children in the population is further increasing. Compared with traditional door locks, smart door locks are more suitable for the elderly and children. Of course, it is also convenient for you to avoid The trouble of losing or forgetting the key. As an entry-level product for smart homes, smart door locks are favored by more consumers. According to data, 97% of households in China have a demand for upgrading from mechanical locks to smart door locks. However, the current smart door lock market is still in its infancy, and the market has not fully opened up. In fact, the current smart lock products can already meet the needs of the elderly. An old smart lock has the following key elements: it is convenient to use the fingerprints of most elderly people because the fingerprints of most elderly people cannot be collected and recognized when using fingerprint devices. Therefore, smart locks that are not affected by the surface conditions of the fingers, such as the recognition rate, The smart lock of the semiconductor fingerprint sensor with high sensitivity and recognition accuracy will not affect the use even if the fingers of the elderly are slightly peeled or light. Biometrics old people have a bad memory, and forget to bring their keys, IC cards or passwords. If it is a purely mechanical lock, electronic password lock, etc., it is not appropriate. Smart locks incorporating biometric technology are the general trend, because the body 'password' is portable . The monitoring and management has the function of door opening record monitoring, which enables children to monitor the door lock opening situation of their parents at any time, so as to detect abnormal situations at any time. Remote management When it is inconvenient for the elderly to open the door, whether outside the door or inside the house, children can remotely open the door for their parents through the app or the elderly can use the app to open the door by themselves.
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