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Is the face recognition function in the smart lock reliable?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-11
According to media reports, in October last year, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued a consumer warning on the quality and safety of smart door locks. Consumer warnings mentioned that smart door locks equipped with facial recognition and remote unlocking functions have a higher security risk. Consumers are advised to turn off the facial recognition and remote unlocking functions. Why is it not reliable? Some smart locks, after setting up facial recognition, first use their face to face the facial recognition area of u200bu200bthe smart lock, and the smart lock is automatically turned on. After that, I printed my own facial portrait on a piece of A4 paper, held the portrait close to my face and faced the smart lock recognition area, and even successfully opened the door lock! This shows that some face recognition systems are not accurate enough, and there are certain security risks. Experts remind: When choosing a safe smart door lock, it should be noted that these 8-point smart locks are not the more expensive the better. You need to understand some basic knowledge when purchasing. 1. Starting with material: From the perspective of durability and anti-violent cracking, stainless steel door locks should be preferred, followed by zinc alloy, and plastic door locks are extremely safe. Under normal circumstances, the heavier the door lock is, the better, but it is also necessary to prevent many copycat manufacturers from adding iron to the door lock to make it shoddy. 2. Look at the fingerprint head: It is necessary to choose a door lock with a live fingerprint head. The live fingerprint module is also called a semiconductor fingerprint module. Compared with optical fingerprints, it can prevent fake fingerprints such as silicone molds. 3. From the design principle and structure, the push-pull smart door lock has a higher anti-theft level and a more comfortable use experience than the handle type and integrated smart door lock. The electronic clutch device in the push-pull door lock will automatically lock after entering and exiting the door to eliminate potential safety hazards. 4. There are many smart locks on the market that use remote door opening, mobile APP operation and remote control and IC card unlocking. It is recommended to choose this product carefully, because it is equivalent to leaving a background for the door lock at home, which is very insecure. 5. Many smart door locks have night locks, which are physical locks partially set in the door. It is safest to physically open the night lock inside the door. Do not buy a product that can open the night lock externally by other means. 6. Focus on the brand. When purchasing, check whether you have relevant quality inspection reports and comply with national industry standards. Don't choose low-priced products cheaply. 7. There is a large gap in the price and quality of smart locks, and citizens can consult with the neighborhood, surrounding lock shops or formal professional lock installation companies. These lock opening and replacement companies install all year round, which will effectively screen some smart locks on the market. It is best not to shop online. Once a quality problem occurs, it will be difficult for the public to replace it.
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