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Is the fingerprint lock 'virtual password' function a publicity stunt or is it really useful?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-07
When buying a fingerprint lock, many people have heard of the 'virtual password' function, so why is the 'virtual password' function so widely used in smart locks? This feature is a lot of publicity stunts in the fingerprint lock or is it a black technology as the business says. In fact, the main function of virtual passwords is for security considerations when designing. Generally, the password is set to 6 digits, which is too long to be easy to remember, but if there is a stranger when opening the door, it is easier for people to remember the password, which brings security risks to the home. The emergence of the virtual password function can prevent those malicious people from remembering your home password and stealing it. The virtual password can be entered at will before and after the correct password, which can increase the length of the entire number, and it will prevent a large number of people from remembering the password at a glance. The virtual passwords added before and after the correct password can be changed arbitrarily, which increases the frequency of password replacement in a disguised form. In this way, the real password will be 'crowded back and forth' and protected by a dummy password, which improves the security of the real password. In fact, virtual password unlocking is not widely used in daily unlocking. Because fingerprint unlocking is currently the most convenient way to unlock the lock, unless the fingerprint recognition is insensitive or malfunctioning, the virtual password function will not be used under normal circumstances, and it can only be used when there are strangers. Some businesses have exaggerated the function of the virtual password. It is actually just a publicity stunt. Basically, this function is not high-end from a technical point of view. Most fingerprint lock manufacturers can implement it, and it is a common function.
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