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Is the smart lock with the function 'high-end atmosphere' really so good?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
With the arrival of intelligent heat, intelligent lock, as an entry-level intelligent product integrating information, electronics, machinery and other technologies, attracts more and more consumers. Many families have focused on smart locks, and manufacturers often add various functions to enhance the intelligence of locks in order to attract consumers. I have to say that some functions do add a lot of convenience to the user's life, but there are also many high-end atmospheric functions that are not as beautiful as I thought, for example, the automatic function of many smart lock brands. Fully automatic actually means that the user can unlock the door after the fingerprint identification or password verification is passed. The door can be opened directly without pressing the handle, and the door can be automatically locked without lifting the handle. The realization of the full-automatic function is to simulate the process of opening and locking the door with the artificial key, and to rotate the lock core dial head through the motor, so as to drive the lock tongue in and out to achieve the purpose of unlocking and anti-locking. In fact, the starting point of this function is good, but there are also potential problems. First of all, for manufacturers, intelligent locks, as electromechanical integration products, involve the integration of electronic parts and mechanical parts. The higher the degree of automation, the higher the requirements in the electronic field, and the higher the running-in requirements for the mechanical and electronic parts of the lock. However, there is a strange paradox in the intelligent lock industry at present. The mechanical part is very stable and the electronic part is also a mature technology in the IT industry. However, there are very few enterprises that do a good job in the integration of the two, there are very few that can realize full-automatic manufacturing. Moreover, products such as smart locks have extremely high requirements in supply chain, quality control and production. Each product of top-level enterprises has a long cycle from design to research and development to test production, only with the development of various systems can large-scale production be achieved. Without a perfect and stable industrial chain system from upstream to downstream, the consistency, stability and timeliness of supply of intelligent lock products cannot be guaranteed, and the full manufacture of fully automatic intelligent locks is even more difficult. This also leads to the following common problems in the use of fully automatic intelligent locks on the market by consumers: endurance problem, the motor of fully automatic intelligent locks should output 18- With a torque of 2600, the lock cylinder can be rotated to drive the lock tongue in and out. The power consumption is large, and two lithium batteries with a capacity of mAH or more are required, however, the ordinary intelligent lock can be used for about one year with only four No. 5 alkaline batteries, so the endurance of the full-automatic lock is weaker than that of the ordinary intelligent lock, and users need to pay attention to the change of power to maintain its normal operation. Efficiency problem, in the market atmosphere of competing for fingerprint identification speed, fully automatic lock, whether it is to unlock after verification when entering the door, or to unlock before going out, all of them need to wait for the motor to rotate for one turn, two turns, two turns and a half. It takes about three seconds to open. This efficiency is obviously lower than other smart locks. Safety problems, electronic products have quality and power restrictions. If the door is deformed or the lock body has a large friction with the door, the motor strength is not enough to open the door lock, so the door cannot be opened, or cause the motor to be damaged and the door cannot be opened. It is easy to have safety problems in case of emergency. Regardless of the stability of the full-automatic lock itself, when making the full-automatic lock, individual products will not retain the mechanical keyhole position for emergency unlocking because they have to turn the lock cylinder to dial the head, which will affect rescue in case of emergency, this is not in line with the national regulations on Lock products. The above is the personal opinion on the full-automatic intelligent lock. The author believes that if the full-automatic function is comprehensively improved based on stability and quality, it can indeed enhance the user experience, but the core of the lock is still safe, the problem of fully automatic intelligent lock needs to be solved urgently. As far as the current technical level is concerned, the fully automatic technology still needs manufacturers to continue to carry out deep cultivation and experiments to overcome the difficulties of fully automatic manufacturing and bring more reliable and stable intelligent lock products to consumers.
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