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IS video lock likely to become a new trend towards the end of 2019?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-07
As 2019 draws to a close, smart locks will be upgraded with new technologies: video locks will become a reality from concept. Video lock is the product of the development of door lock to the fifth generation. It is based on the traditional intelligent lock and is equipped with a professional video camera to realize the traditional unlocking and opening function, it can form video visual interaction with people outside the door, realize more convenient human-computer interaction and more reliable safety protection before entering the house, and achieve a new generation of intelligent door lock in a truly secure portal guard state, it is the application of AI Internet of Things in smart home. For a long time, security and intelligence have always been the requirements of locks. How to realize security at the same time is the internal driving force for locks to continuously update and iterate. The smart lock is constantly iterating passwords from the first generation of magnetic card locks, to fingerprint biometric technology, and then to the smart unlocking of mobile phones. The security performance is constantly upgraded. Small and medium-sized manufacturers without technical strength are like big waves, be phased out; By the 5th generation video lock, Dahua le orange, with a global security background, has finally achieved a breakthrough in video lock zero by integrating core video and cloud technology. As early as 2016, Dahua le Orange has already launched K5 video cloud lock. However, advanced technology has not received a warm response from the market. At that time, the overall smart lock market, including consumers, was still in the era of fingerprint technology, take a wait-and-see attitude towards more advanced video lock technology. In 2019, video lock technology further matured and has the ability to mass produce in large quantities, thus unlocking new technical limitations in the industry and realizing new industry breakthroughs. The core of video lock depends on two points: video technology and cloud technology. Video technology implements visual monitoring of the doorway environment through intelligent hardware loading, such as the common intelligent cat's eye; Cloud technology realizes transmission and response: The door picture recorded by video can be transmitted to a remote mobile phone through cloud technology, and users can view the door picture through the mobile phone, help users make corresponding decisions, realize actions such as response and unlocking, and store pictures in the face of danger, retain security credentials, and give consideration to both security and intelligence. It can be said that the video lock is a great improvement in the previous four generations of passive unlocking technology, allowing smart locks to be unlocked by users such as magnetic cards, passwords, biometrics, and intelligent unlocking methods, it has become an integrated intelligent unlocking upgrade integrating dialogue, visualization, remote and security, thus improving the new height of the intelligent lock industry.
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