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It is worth noting to buy smart locks during the Double 11 period

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
Because locks give too many security implications, people think of security when they mention locks, but for intelligent locks, the convenience they provide is another highlight. As smart locks enter the cloud era, its AI brain is implanted, and users' intelligent management and convenient entry are increasingly sought after. Suddenly, as the summer wind comes in the night, thousands of households will open intelligently, and the smart lock will be ahead of cars and go, bringing AI to more than 80% of households in China and becoming an indispensable household appliance for every family'. With the advent of the era of smart home, many smart products have begun to replace traditional products. Intelligent door lock is one of them. The convenience and safety it brings us are recognized by more and more people. With the increase of demand, many manufacturers will inevitably exaggerate when promoting their products'The ingredients guide consumers into misunderstandings. Today, the author summarizes several common mistakes in purchasing intelligent door locks. First, the more functions supported, the better. Although more and more people use smart locks, few people really understand them, in order to enable consumers to recognize their products, some businesses will constantly emphasize the powerful functions of their products. Let's take the Smart Lock storage fingerprint as an example. Some merchants advertise that they can store 100 kinds of fingerprints, while some merchants say that there are only dozens of kinds. So is the gap really so big? In fact or claims can Storage 100 of fingerprint of very May is according to fingerprint entry process in press number to calculation of and a few ten of, it may be calculated by the final number of fingerprints entered. Therefore, the quality of the smart lock does not depend on the number of its functions. There are many possible failures, unstable performance and high uncertainty. We buy smart door locks to protect the safety of our family property. We don't have to have a lot of functions. It is convenient and affordable. Second, the more ways to open the door, the better. The common ways to open the door for smart door locks are fingerprints, passwords and induction cards, of course, some smart door locks also have iris, face recognition, mobile phone remote, app and other door opening methods, and even some smart locks can open the door with access cards and bus cards. Although these ways of opening the door have brought us a lot of convenience, there are also relatively potential safety hazards. Although the technology is very developed now, the development of Iris, facial recognition, mobile phone remote, app and other door opening technologies is not very mature, and the relative security is not very high. For criminals, it is still easy to destroy. However, access cards and public cards will be more easily copied by criminals. They will use replicators to copy them. Even encrypted IC cards can be easily cracked, especially access cards and public transport cards. Third, the brand is still good for foreign brands, although the intelligent door lock of foreign brands is relatively experienced in design. However, after all, the objects used are different, and the products of foreign brands are mainly designed for domestic users. As the saying goes soil and water a party people'It is good to apply your own. For example, in our Chinese families, the doors are generally thick and heavy, while the Korean doors are relatively light and thin, so the designs in different places will be different. Not all foreign brands are suitable for Chinese families. In addition to the inconvenience caused by users, we also need to consider whether to use foreign brands to buy fake imported products. Some bad businesses said that domestic products were imported from abroad for their own benefit and to reflect the good quality of their products. What's more, some only registered a brand abroad, the domestic brand is said to be a foreign brand. Fourth, there is no mechanical lock cylinder smart lock is safer, whether it is traditional lock or smart lock, we are used to protect the safety of our family property. Some manufacturers think that the intelligent lock is a full-automatic switch to reflect its intelligence, so they try to abandon the traditional mechanical lock cylinder. In fact, this practice is not very good, although abandoning the traditional mechanical lock cylinder makes the intelligent lock more intelligent, however, we can never predict when the electronic function will fail. The mechanical lock cylinder is an emergency protection for emergencies. Five, the higher the price, the better the quality. Due to the different costs of smart locks, the market price will also be different. There are some smart lock products with inflated prices on the market. Consumers do not know enough about the smart lock market, so it is easy to be brought into the misunderstanding by businesses, believing that high prices and relatively good quality will be better.
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