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Japan's first 'internet of things Hotel' opened with a mobile phone to unlock the door

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
According to a report by Japan's Kyodo news agency on August 19 &ANDHOSTEL' The hotel was recently built in Fukuoka city and invited the media to visit. In this hotel, residents can switch room door locks and adjust lights with smart phones. According to the operating company, this will be Japan's first full use of ink 'style = 'margin: 0px, which connects various devices to the network; Padding: 0px; '> Internet of Things'(IoT)Hotel. The aim is to let customers experience the services brought by cutting-edge equipment, thus experiencing its convenience. In terms of technology, Kyushu University, Sony, IT venture enterprises and other cooperation provide support. In addition, the hotel also hopes to introduce charm to foreign tourists to Fukuoka, thus driving the export of relevant technologies overseas. Residents can use the special smart phones borrowed from the hotel to operate 10 kinds of equipment in the room. In addition to room service such as adjusting air conditioning temperature and requiring towel replacement, as long as it is set to sleep mode, the lighting will automatically turn off and easy sleep aid music will be played. The hotel opened on the 19th and 4 of the 11 guest rooms can experience the Internet of Things service. Some equipment is provided free of charge by the development manufacturer. The hotel will listen to users' feelings or opinions, and Kyushu University and other aspects will make a detailed analysis of the use of various equipment. Andfactory for developing APP software for connecting and managing 10 devices'(Tokyo) The company said it is striving to open such hotels in places such as Tokyo and Osaka. It technologies such as switch management of door locks may also be popularized and applied to schools and nursing facilities.
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