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Jiaxing - hand lock manufacturer Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-17
Jiaxing mr. zhang himself opened a door factory, I want to find a hand locally lock manufacturers long-term cooperation, in the industry knows, door factory and lock factory is mutual cooperation, a good hand for wooden door lock appreciation, improve sales, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. Looking for a period of time did not find the right door lock manufacturers, bad quality is not too small hand lock, and positioning is not in conformity with the wooden door. Jiaxing hand lock manufacturers, can to enlarge own view point, look for from other regions, where is the factory address, it is not important, the key to find the door locks with good quality.     Jiaxing hand lock manufacturers, for door factory, choose a door lock is crucial, that can make the wooden door value-added is the door lock by customers like. Fu yu hardware just right for this, we put every year a lot of manpower, material resources to market research and new product development, up to now, has reached more than 500 kinds of styles, and according to the different needs of customers, also supports custom service, what material is made, with much lock body, can be replaced.     Jiaxing hand lock manufacturers, fu yu hardware with more than 10000 domestic wood door factory cooperation, which includes the dream day wood door, xin di large door factory, such as wooden door production door no matter in quality or design, got customers widely recognized. Consulting service, have a chance to participate in the activities of free proofing, places are limited, first come first served basis.
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