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Jieyang - hand lock manufacturer Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-16
Jieyang hand lock manufacturers, engaged in a hand lock industry knows that jieyang lock is very famous, just like when it comes to rice, can be associated with the northeast rice a truth, the home of a hand lock a lot of origin are jieyang. In this place, have a lot of hand lock manufacturers, from small workshop to brand manufacturers can be found, a lot of clothbound room engineering or wooden door factory customer purchase from here, not only because the price is right, took a fancy to the product quality is more important.     Above mentioned jieyang also has a lot of hand lock manufacturers, so for the customer, how to choose the suitable for their own locks factory? Method is simple, actually choose manufacturers only such points: see the product, service, price. See products, rich yu hardware to provide free proofing services, customers don't spend a penny to see samples, cost-effective; After service, cooperation, every customer has a dedicated customer service, appear problem, direct contact customer service to solve; Look at the price, is the manufacturer, the product wholesale, customers selected models, directly related to customer service, can get the price, more convenient.     Jieyang hand lock manufacturers, select the rich yu hardware is right, as a long-term for vanke, country garden large enterprise, supply manufacturers, such as its reputation and power is worth customer trust. Each lock hold hand from raw material selection, to mold production, polishing, electroplating has strict testing procedures, to ensure that conform to the requirements of the industry, provide 2 years warranty service.
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