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Jieyang indoor door lock manufacturers - 15 acres owned plants, power protection

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-16
Jieyang indoor door lock manufacturers have a lot of, different customers have different needs, from a number of manufacturers choose appropriate oneself is difficult. Only in factory as a condition of screening, will face many problems, some of the price war, blindly, regardless of product quality and cost; Still have a plenty of agents also pretend to be manufacturers, confuse the customer view.     Jieyang indoor door lock manufacturers choose excellent product quality, a lock useless openhanded, 1 year off, need to change, not only waste the money, at the same time also a waste of time, should understand that the door lock to replace experience in lock is very complicated, need to purchase a suitable locks, find a carpenter master door-to-door service, door to door cost is very high, now take our side is not less than 200 yuan, uneconomic.     Jieyang indoor door lock manufacturers, take goods from the manufacturer can greatly reduce their own costs, because the manufacturer is source, take goods from dealers on the cost of the manufacturer also is attached the dealer's profit, layer upon layer overlay, dealer price will be a lot higher than the manufacturer, increase the lock purchasing cost.     Jieyang through market screening is a good indoor door lock manufacturers, fu yu hardware 21 years indoor door lock production research and development experience, has 15 acres of whole plant, warehouse 3000 square, and the dream day, zhibang wooden door long-term cooperation, strength and product quality is excellent.     Contact: & emsp;   The service hotline: & emsp;   Tel: 137 - 7775 - 1778   Fixed telephone: 0551 - 63535090   Contact QQ:
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