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Keda intelligent store management system improves enterprise management efficiency

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-22
A large number of chain stores have a large number of stores and a wide geographical distribution. The traditional on-site management methods are backward, not only the management cost is high, but also the management efficiency is very low. Keda intelligent store management department can help enterprises to carry out visual remote store management by integrating and summarizing video image resources deployed in various stores of the enterprise and conducting intelligent statistics and analysis of data. At the 2013 Shenzhen Expo, the three core functional modules of video patrol, passenger flow analysis and hot spot statistics integrated by Keda intelligent store management system attracted the interest of many viewers on the spot. Remote Patrol shop, effectively saving store management costs with the continuous expansion of modern enterprise scale, the number of various chain stores is increasing, and these stores are widely distributed in the region, for enterprises, timely and regular shop inspection is a very important task for store management, but the traditional manual shop inspection not only requires high manpower and time costs, but also has very low management efficiency. Koda's new intelligent store management system solution is expected to fully solve this problem. ● Quickly locate the Target store system. The remote patrol function is combined with the electronic map to carry out the application, store managers can open the video image management interface of each store through the store plan map or store name search function with the help of a graphical management client, and can browse images in real time by clicking the high-definition video surveillance camera icon corresponding to each place, the operation is simple and convenient. ● A remote patrol shop with no details can view the panoramic image of the store through a camera that supports PTZ function, you can also check the details at will, including welcome, cashier, merchandise display, price tag, poster/magazine placement, etc. At the same time, the system supports multi-screen browsing images, so managers can also view multiple stores at the same time. « 1 2 3 4»
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