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Keda releases intelligent store management system solution

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-24
A large number of chain stores have a large number of stores and a wide geographical distribution. The traditional on-site management methods are backward, not only the management cost is high, but also the management efficiency is very low. KODA recently launched a new intelligent store management system solution, which can integrate and summarize video image resources deployed by various stores of the enterprise and conduct intelligent statistics and analysis of data, to help enterprises carry out visual remote store management. The system consists of two parts: the headquarters and the store. The headquarters deploys an intelligent store management server for the summary analysis of data resources of each store and the centralized management of video resources, provide a simple and easy-to-use client interface; Each store deploys high-definition cameras, passenger flow detectors and high-definition video recorders. Among them, high-definition cameras are used for real-time monitoring, video storage and picture capture, while video recorders are responsible for the management of local equipment resources and audio and video recording. The communication between the headquarters and the store is based on the Internet deployment. Due to the unique video stream processing technology, the store's access network only needs ADSL. On the one hand, Keda's intelligent store management system is equipped with perfect store patrol application functions, with the help of high-quality and rich audio and video resources in stores, various remote visual management work including work inspection, standardized supervision of goods and services, and personnel evaluation can be carried out. At the same time, the flat system architecture allows the company's managers and company leaders at all levels to reach the store without barriers and master the most cutting-edge information. On the other hand, the system is equipped with a complete and professional passenger flow perception system. In places where passenger flow needs to be counted (Such as the entrance) The installation of Kodak's professional passenger flow sensing instrument can accurately obtain the situation of customers entering and leaving each store and relevant data records, supplemented by automatically generated data reports, it can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of store management.
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