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Keeping the original aspiration, creating the future, smart electronic locks let us look forward to

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-29
The emergence of smart electronic locks has brought great convenience to the lives of modern people. For example, when we go out now, we don’t have to repeatedly check whether we forgot to bring the key, or the rented house can automatically add or remove the tenant’s fingerprints without having to change the lock cylinder frequently. Unlocking is achieved through proximity cards, digital passwords, and fingerprints. In particular, fingerprints are widely used as unique biometric passwords on locks, making door opening as convenient as opening the screen of an iPhone with fingerprints, greatly improving the convenience of unlocking. , Fast. And these are just the past, so what are the trends in the future development of smart electronic locks? Let us discuss it together today. 1. There are many styles of smart electronic locks that are integrated into culture in the design. It can be said that they are diverse, but it is rare that the cultural connotation is brought into the appearance design as a design concept. Therefore, adding the cultural characteristics of your own brand to the styling is an aspect that most smart electronic lock manufacturers must improve in the future. 2. Pay more attention to user experience and product humanization. Developers should conduct extensive and in-depth research on smart electronic locks in the existing market based on product application occasions, user needs, and consumer habits, combined with feedback from senior industrial customers such as door factories , A brand-new design is made on the lock body function to meet the needs of the family. In the design, a variety of potential needs of the user are comprehensively considered, for example: the sound of opening and closing the door lock should be soft and mute; to prevent the elderly or children from accidentally locking the door; with a certain degree of anti-destructiveness and confidentiality when necessary; and installation The convenience. 3. The scope of application of biometrics technology is expanded. At present, smart electronic locks with high technical and technological content, including password locks, IC card locks, fingerprint locks, etc., are applied in the market due to their unique convenience and the gradual maturity of technology. Has gradually won the recognition of high-end consumers, and gained a place. The fingerprint lock using biometric technology has a broader market prospect because of the uniqueness, non-reproducibility, easy portability, non-forgetting, and non-losing characteristics of fingerprints. 4. Pay attention to independent patents. With the development of science and technology and the country's increasing emphasis on intellectual property protection, smart electronic lock Ru0026D manufacturers must pay special attention to product innovation and patent applications in order to achieve true core competitiveness. Here we can boldly predict that in the next few years, in addition to the above points, more attention should be paid to product details, product quality excellence, and product connotation mining, establishment and extension. Civilized and intelligent locks are gradually replacing traditional mechanical locks, which is an irreversible trend. Quality, details and product development are the brand beliefs that Probac has always adhered to. We believe that our perseverance will surely give you a future you are looking forward to.
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