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Kitchen may be the main battlefield in smart home in the future

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
In the past year, countless new smart home devices have been born, hoping to change people's home life experience. The direction is obviously very extensive. The prominent use forms of intelligent bulbs, thermostats, door locks and monitoring systems basically focus on safer, more comfortable and more convenient aspects. However, according to the survey data, the smart home experience that users are most interested in is the new kitchen equipment. NextMarket market research company launched a survey on the frequency of mobile devices used in kitchens for US users in October this year. Among them, 24% of users said they had been using tablets or mobile phones to watch recipes, 34% used them sometimes, 18% rarely used them, and 24% never used them. In other words, the potential users of kitchen equipment are as high as 58%, which is a number that other types of smart home equipment cannot compare. Mobile applications are only the beginning of an intelligent kitchen. Not to mention the built-in WIFI, the intelligent refrigerator that can display recipes and has better preservation technology, such products as vacuum cooking machine, intelligent slow cooker, intelligent kitchen scale and intelligent coffee pot have emerged in large numbers and received great attention. These products not only provide the Internet of Things connection experience, but also help people make food faster and healthier through powerful applications. Cooking is an eternal art and something almost every family needs to face every day. Coupled with people's attention to healthy eating, the huge market potential brought about is incalculable. In the future, manufacturers will pay more attention to connectivity, such as organically combining intelligent kitchen scales, food composition scanners with fitness equipment such as sports bracelets to help people better realize healthy diet and sports experience.
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