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Know the maintenance secrets of fingerprint lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-01
Nowadays, smart locks, which are entry-level products for smart homes, are so popular. More and more consumers are choosing to install smart locks to enjoy a convenient new life. However, some users' smart locks in their homes have problems such as slow fingerprint recognition, inability to open the lock core, and dull and dull surface after using them for a period of time. They think that the quality of the smart lock is not good, and they feel that they have bought inferior products. Actually otherwise, today Fuyu Smart Lock will give you a set of maintenance tips, please keep it! Type 1: Cylinder maintenance Smart locks all have mechanical keyholes for emergency needs. However, if the door is not opened with a mechanical key for a long time, the key may not be inserted smoothly. If this happens, do not apply lubricating oil indiscriminately. Add a little graphite powder or pencil powder to the lock cylinder slot to ensure that the key is used to open the door normally. Because lubricating oil is easy to stick to dust, a lot of dust will slowly accumulate in the keyhole afterwards, forming greasy putty, which makes the smart lock more prone to failure. Type 2: Appearance maintenance of the lock body The appearance of the smart lock body is mostly made of metal materials, such as aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and copper. In daily use, do not contact the surface of the lock body with corrosive substances, such as acidic substances, so as not to damage the appearance maintenance layer of the lock body or cause the surface coating to oxidize, which affects the gloss of the lock surface. The third type: prohibit unprofessional disassembly The internal structure of smart locks is much more complicated than traditional locks, and it contains a variety of high-tech electronic products. If you do not understand this, it is best not to disassemble it at will. If there is a problem with the smart lock, you can consult the manufacturer and have a dedicated after-sales service staff help you solve it. Reminder: It is very important to choose a door lock manufacturer with good after-sales service when buying a fingerprint lock. Type 4: Check frequently. Fuyu recommends a thorough inspection of the smart lock once half a year or a year, mainly to check whether the fastening screws are loose or locked. The matching clearance between the body and the lock plate, etc. Of course, if the smart door lock you use is abnormal, you can call the service hotline and a professional will solve the problem for you in time.
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