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L100 smart your home life

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-07
Elegant appearance is the external charm of L100' Powerful and practical function is the profound connotation of L100'Anweishi (Anviz) The recently launched L100 smart lock is the same with it' The profound connotation of temperament, once listed, is popular all over the world. Anweishi (Anviz) Using the most advanced BioNANO V10 core algorithm, using the us ti company 32-bit low-power high-speed processor low-energy processor combined with the world's top designers to create the latest generation of cost-effective, practical and beautiful fingerprint access control products--L100 smart lock. In the era of technology, L100 is smart for your home life. The exquisite and simple industrial design L100 is from the hands of famous artists. It integrates the advanced design concepts of the world's top industrial designers, and brings together exquisite and elegant, simple and fashionable design elements to show extraordinary artistic atmosphere. Unique Motor clutch integrated design, responsive and stylish blue LED indicator, chord music buzzer prompt, easy to operate front panel is high-strength zinc alloy, PCB circuit board is treated with waterproof coating, durable one second to open the door, the world's fastest L100 uses the low-energy processor of TI company in the United States, with 5000 hours of ultra-long standby and dual-pipeline algorithm, which makes it easy to open the door instantly in one second, allowing you to appreciate the convenience of scientific and technological smart home life. Infrared induction activation of fingerprint collector; Safe and reliable fingerprint or RF card door opening method eliminates the trouble of traditional wearing keys and effectively solves special people (Old people, children, etc)The use of the problem. Powerful custom management function L100 has unique temporary user management function, for temporary users such (Nanny, visitor user)Temporary add, one-click delete; L100 has a simple and fast meeting normally open mode, without the need for all participants to verify one by one; In addition, the user can also change the direction of the handle at will (Left and Right doors). Put an end to all hidden dangers 100% safety experience L100 powerful emergency equipment, let you enjoy 100% safety experience. Ensure that you can enter and exit the door at any time, the emergency power supply interface, the hidden mechanical lock hole, and eliminate all hidden dangers. When there is an alarm when the battery is insufficient, the emergency equipment can guarantee the normal opening State of about 500 times, so that you have no worries.
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