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Landing and sharing, 2018 smart home industry summit forum to be held in Suzhou

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-21
How will the smart home market in China develop in 2018? Which products and systems will become the new favorite of the market? With the gradual integration of smart home and smart community, how should the industry deal with it? What kind of development stage will the popular smart door lock, home audio and video, wireless communication and other markets usher in? The China Internet of Things industry application alliance, together with Shenzhen Internet of Things Media Co. , Ltd. and Lezhi network, will hold the 2018 smart home industry summit forum and dealer conference on April 25, 2018 at Suzhou International Expo Center' 2018 smart door lock industry Application Summit Forum'. At that time, industry experts, enterprises in all aspects of the industrial chain, real estate developers, hotel operators, home improvement and design enterprises, channel distributors, etc. will gather together to discuss the development trend and marketing and landing of the smart home industry, to share' The mode of thinking, through cooperation to achieve win-win results. Explore the Market Development Trend and promote the rapid landing of smart home. With the traditional home appliance suppliers and channels, Internet home improvement and dealers cutting into the smart home market in large quantities, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, biometrics and other technologies are gradually applied to smart home systems, and the smart home market is entering a new milestone. At this stage, the most obvious technical and market characteristics are the gradual upgrading of technology from automation to artificial intelligence and the gradual diffusion of marketing from projects to channel distribution. The application of intelligent speakers and voice robots is gradually maturing, and the era of audible smart home has begun to come. The rapid development of the Internet and equipment has also enabled many smart home items and systems to be pushed to ordinary consumers more quickly through online marketing and home improvement recommendations. In addition, according to relevant statistics, in 2017, China has already had thousands of related enterprises engaged in the technical development, production and sales of intelligent door lock products, and the annual total shipments will increase from 2 million units in 2016 to 6 million units, is expected to industry output value reached billions. What kind of development momentum will the intelligent door lock show in 2018? How will the channel end quickly promote the application scale of intelligent door locks in the Chinese market? In the aspect of scene linkage, how can the smart door lock be perfectly combined with the smart home as a whole? 12 experts, entrepreneurs and market researchers in China's smart home industry, it will be discussed with 500 industry professionals, investors, real estate developers, hotel operators, property managers, channel dealers, e-commerce and other industry stakeholders. Summit Highlights look ahead★Different subsystems lead the enterprises in the big curry cloth road, so that participants can fully understand the market and product development trends; ★The deep conversation between the supply chain and the channel quickly helps the smart home to achieve a larger scale; ★Product-side enterprises achieve a breakthrough in quantity through the dealer conference; ★Gathering more than 500 smart home enterprises and channel distributors around the world and at home to integrate and cooperate with resources; ★200 smart home and hardware dealers in east China, North China and Central China listen; ★More than a hundred real estate developers, hotels and property owners participated to realize project docking; ★The upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain took part in the grand ceremony together, giving the participants an intelligent feast; Part of the summit agenda★Convergence effect: development trend of integration of smart home and smart community★Home appliance intelligence enters rapid development process★AI smart speaker: the audible era of smart home has come! ★Internet of Everything guides smart home into consumer end★Smart home audio and video fly into the homes of ordinary people★Analysis on development trend of wireless technology in smart home market★Interpretation of smart home market trend in 2018★General trend: new networking intelligent door lock solution Leads Industry★No lock in: smart home system starts with a smart door lock★New fingerprint identification solution enables enterprises to quickly upgrade intelligent door lock products★Application case analysis of intelligent door lock in Villa hotels and other scenes★New 3D sensor solution helps intelligent door lock to improve safety level★Application Analysis of wireless technology in intelligent door lock industry
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